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Chapter 60: Arent Youre Too Funny

“Ridiculous!” Yun Yuanfeng immediately threw his chopsticks down and stood up.

This topic was taboo.

By mentioning it at a time like this, Yun Ziling had basically stepped on Yun Yuanfengs weakest point.

Hed also wanted a son, but unfortunately, hed only had daughters after his second baby and only son had been miscarried.

Since he had no son, hed decided to cultivate his daughters to allow them to marry well and then use their marriages to strengthen his own position in the business world.

Although his eldest daughter had been raised in the countryside, she was able to help him grab onto the Jiang family.

When she had come home, hed noticed that his eldest daughter was just as beautiful as his second daughter.

She was also able to help him latch onto the Jiang and Chen families!

At the very critical time of him being selected for a promotion, she was basically his lucky star!

Yun Ziling had a heart condition, so it wouldnt be easy for her to marry well.

Yun Chuhan was reticent and didnt stand out from others.

Although her grades were good, her looks were much less remarkable than her older sisters.

She only had knowledge, and in the age where appearances were everything, knowledge didnt mean much at all!

So now he pinned all his hopes on Yun Xi and also wanted to see all three sisters support each other.

However, this spoiled daughter was completely useless!

Liang Xiuqin also stood up as she began to defend her precious daughter and shoot glares at the main culprit, Yun Xi.

“Just look at you! You angered your dad as soon as he came home! Must you have to make your sister sick from anger How could you act like this as her older sister How did your uncle and aunt educate you Did they teach you to steal other peoples things Do you even know manners or have any shame!”

Yun Yuanfeng shot Liang Xiuqin another warning glance when he heard her speak.

As their mother, she didnt know how to speak or read the situation at all!

Although there was nothing wrong with siding with Yun Ziling, she couldnt scold Yun Xi like that either.

However, Liang Xiuqin was riled up and couldnt be stopped!

She completely ignored Yun Yuanfengs warning and began to lecture Yun Xi.

“Mom, I dont think I ever said anything! Yun Zilings things cannot be stolen by others, but does that mean she and Liang Xinyi are allowed to steal my things One of them wants the marriage to the Jiang family, while the other wants to replace me as the eldest heiress of the Yun family.

Werent you happy to see those things happen How can I act like this as the older sister Youve never educated or even raised me in all these years, and now youre so eager to stand up for Yun Ziling Did you ever consider that Im your daughter too Shes lived in this home for so many years, while I was in the countryside for over ten years.

Why do I have to let her have her way as soon as I come back Im her older sister!”

“Its all your fault.

If you hadnt cursed her, how could she have gotten this illness”

“Her heart condition is hereditary, and I remember that Grandmother also passed away from this same illness.

It is inherited every other generation, so you should be glad that you didnt inherit yourself.

Otherwise, youd also become my dads burden! Yun Ziling crawled out of your own stomach, so why are you blaming me for inheriting this illness Arent you too funny”

“You…” Liang Xiuqins face was completely pale, “Insubordination! How did I give birth to such a rude daughter! You dare to argue back! Youre a star of death, and this family only turned out like this because of you! I shouldnt have given birth to you in the first place!”

Yun Xi slowly stood up.

When she looked at her mother, there was only a cold and blank aloofness in her eyes.

In her previous life, Yun Ziling had stood at the door, laughing smugly and heartlessly as her mother poured sulfuric acid on Yun Xis face.

In this lifetime, she wouldnt be such a coward anymore.

“Dad, Im going upstairs first.” She truly didnt want to waste any more breath on them, so she turned to go upstairs.

Her mothers superstitious beliefs would never change in all her life, so Yun Xi didnt care to help her correct it.

When she walked halfway to the door, she suddenly recalled something and turned to her father to say, “Dad, Im going to be starting school soon.

Can you see if you can ask someone to help with my transfer”

She didnt want to rely on her mom for something like that.

“Okay, dont worry about it.

Dad will take care of it for you!

Yun Yuanfeng didnt dare to delay things when it came to her education since it implicated her future prospects, after all.

Yun Xi nodded before going upstairs to read books.

She needed to get ample rest to climb up Tianyu Mountain tomorrow morning.

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