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Chapter 595: The Young Marshal Was Set Up

This overbearing and unreasonable man…

He always did things in the same way, his way.

He never played by the rules.

Yet, for some reason, she could never resist the appeal of his warmth.

In her last life, no one had ever treated her like this.

In her world, there had been nothing but betrayal, manipulation, and harm.

But, after her reincarnation, she had met this man, Mu Feichi, and she felt that she must have exhausted all her good fortune in meeting him.

Otherwise, how was she lucky enough to meet a man that every woman in the world would be head over heels about

This man was not only a walking symbol of masculinity, but also dangerous in every way.

After making certain that his little rascal who he was holding in his arms was okay, Mu Feichi relaxed, lowered his head, and bit her lips unceremoniously.

The hot, overbearing kiss came without warning, and the force of it on her lips was so heavy that she felt as if he wanted to swallow her.

B*stard! Almost breathless from being gnawed on by him, Yun Xi glared at the man through the darkness.

Not daring to move or scream, she could only stay still and let him kiss her.

There were many surveillance cameras hidden in the treetops all around them, and there was a large group of wolves glaring at them from the bottom of the tree, yet this person was still in the mood for smooching.

He kept on kissing her until the writhing anger in his chest subsided a little.

Then he let go.

He looked at the woman who was gasping for air in front of him with an impassive expression.

His scorching breath hit her face, and her blushing pink face appeared even brighter in the dim night.

Suppressing all the worry and anxiety that had made him come running back all the way from overseas, Mu Feichi raised his hand lightly and gently stroked her face.

His dark eyes looked sullen and deep.

“Babe, cant you just rely on me a little bit Do I look that unreliable”

Mu Feichi pounded on his chest and looked into Yun Xis eyes earnestly and attentively.

He even exhibited a bit of helpless irritation.

“Young Marshal Mu is a mountain that I dream of relying on.”

“But it seems as if you dont want to.”

He had never encountered such an ungrateful little rascal like her who had rejected him when hed personally come to help her.

Yun Xi shrugged and shook off the accusation with an innocent look.

“I havent had time to do that.”

Seeing that he was upset, Yun Xi raised her hand to touch his face and coaxed him in a pleasant voice, “Besides, youve come all the way back now.

If I didnt rely on you now, wouldnt I be ungrateful”

Mu Feichi glanced at her coldly.

“What do you think”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and smiled.

The sound of the wolves and the sharp scratching of their claws lingered in her ears.

But, with him by her side, she felt extremely at ease, and it strengthened her desire to fight alone.

This cold and terrible night seemed to have become less terrible.

“Well, our situation really isnt so good, so what do you say we do now”

She bit her lip and moved toward him with a questioning look on her face, as if she was asking for his opinion.

“Stay here obediently.

Ill take care of it.” As he said this, he pulled out his gun and, acting swiftly and agilely, he loaded it.

Yun Xi reached out to take the gun from his hand while muttering and complaining, “Look, you didnt teach me how to use a gun, so at this critical moment, theres no way for me to save my life.

I had originally wanted to learn to fight from you.”

“Im here, so you dont need to do it.”

He raised his hand and pressed her neck to pull her toward him and then kissed her hard on the lips.

“If you want to fight side by side with me, then you can only be qualified when you and I are evenly matched.”

Yun Xi squinted slightly, grit her teeth, and buried her head on his shoulder.

Mu Feichi thought she was feeling shy and wronged, but, as he was about to comfort her, his chest tightened.

Pulling on a thin thread with both hands, Yun Xi suddenly jumped out of his arms.

By the time Mu Feichi realized that something was wrong, his upper body had been tied to the trunk by an air parachute rope like a cocoon.

Yun Xi rolled over to the other side of the tree trunk.

When Mu Feichi raised his feet to try to break free, she quickly tangled up his feet in the rope and turned to get down from the tree.

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