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Chapter 568: Deep-rooted Hatred

However, the two of them werent expecting that Yun Yuanfeng would receive a call from family members in the villa complex and hurry home.

When he saw Chen Lixue and Liang Xinyi surrounded by onlookers outside his house, he listened to them talking for a while before he finally understood what was going on.

“Okay, okay, stop watching.

Everyone, go home and eat your dinners.”

Yun Yuanfeng finally succeeded in getting rid of the crowd.

His neighbor, Auntie Zhang, couldnt help but remind him, “Ever since your familys relatives arrived from the countryside, there has been trouble every couple of days.

Its better to keep a low profile.

We dont have final say in this villa complex.”

Yun Yuanfengs face stiffened, but he still smiled obsequiously, “Auntie Zhang, thanks for reminding me.

I know what I have to do.”

“No matter what, your biological kin will naturally be loyal to you after they grow up.

You must know your priorities clearly in your heart.”

Chen Lixues face turned livid after hearing what Auntie Zhang had said, but she was dragged away by Liang Xinyi just when she was about to have another outburst.

With a look of disdain, Auntie Zhang glanced at Chen Lixues mean face.

She lived next door, so she could hear whatever went on in the Yun family.

After the eldest young madame, Yun Xi, had come back, Liang Xiuqin had been stirring up trouble, and, now, here was another poor relative from the countryside.

She was allegedly the mother of Yun Xis cousin, and she was as unscrupulous as Liang Xiuqin.

Both this mother and her daughter were bad seeds.

A few months ago, she had been impersonating Yun Xi as the young madame.

Today, rumor had it that shed cheated a lot of money from the son of the Feng familys housekeeper.

She was already so immoral at such a young age, so who knew how horrible she would be after she grew up

Liang Xiuqin was arguing with her relatives every day, and the housewives in the villa complex were all idle, so they treated the drama as entertainment.

Its just that Yun Xi was suffering in the process, so what was her mother thinking

“Of course! Of course!”

Yun Yuanfeng sent off Auntie Zhang with a smile plastered on his face.

He turned around and glared at Chen Lixue and Liang Xinyi.

The sternness and warning in that glance made Chen Lixue tremble.

“Can you please cause less trouble for me.” Yun Yuanfeng glared at Chen Lixue, then he lowered his voice and reprimanded her.

“This isnt the countryside, so you cant do whatever you want.

I can let you stay, or I can kick you back to the countryside.”

“Yuanfeng, how can you say that to us They came to the door, and that wretched girl Yun Xi was helping outsiders instead of helping us.”

Chen Lixue was already fuming, so when she heard Yun Yuanfeng yelling at her without asking anything about what had happened, she felt angry and wronged.

“Shut up! Do you think I dont know whats going on”

Yun Yuanfeng only spoke harshly toward Chen Lixue and didnt say much to Liang Xinyi.

He just told her to be more cautious in the future and not to be too greedy for petty gains.

If it werent for the fact that Liang Xinyi claimed ties with the Han family, he wouldnt have been so polite.

Liang Xinyi nodded.

Of course she also understood why Yun Yuanfeng had changed his attitude toward her recently.

After getting the Han family as backers, she had naturally had to make good use of it at the critical moments.

Thinking of how she would have to lose a lot of money, she tactfully opened her mouth and explained it all to Yun Yuanfeng.

Those designer brands all cost a lot of money, and her mother couldnt take out that much money now.

“I will give you the money tomorrow.

You will have no allowance for this month.

Use your money more frugally.”

“Okay, I got it!” Liang Xinyi lowered her head, and her eyes flashed with a bit of resentment.

The Chinese New Year was coming at the end of this month, and Liang Xinyi felt aggrieved when she thought of how she couldnt buy any new clothes for the New Year.

She had even more deep-rooted hatred for Yun Xi.

After they entered the house, Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and glanced at the two people behind Yun Yuanfeng, and then she stood up from the sofa.

She turned around and instructed the housekeeper, “Little auntie, my second uncle has been having high blood sugar recently.

Prepare only vegetarian dishes at home this week.

Dont serve meat at the table.”

“Okay, young madame.” The housekeeper glanced at Chen Lixue and Liang Xinyi.

Of course, she understood that this was punishment for the trouble they had caused today.

When Chen Lixue heard that they were going vegetarian for the week, her entire face turned ugly, but she didnt dare to say anything because of Yun Yuanfengs presence.

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