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Chapter 561: Not Even Going to Acknowledge Your Own Mother

Yun Xi couldnt stop her in time, so she could only push open the door and get out of the car too.

She told Feng Yang to take Feng Xifang back to school.

However, there was a good show that was about to start, so how could Feng Xifang go back to school She pushed open the car door and ran over to watch the action.

“Brother Li, its really you.

I just saw you give something to Liang Xinyi, and I thought I must be seeing things.

I saw you give her some sports shoes two days ago, and today I saw you give her some designer clothes again.

Did your family suddenly get rich If your familys so rich, why does Li Yunan have to work in the cafeteria Shes about to take the college entrance examination, so she should be focusing on her studies.”

Li Weinan froze when he saw Zhao Yumo.

When he heard his sisters name coming from her mouth, panic flashed through his eyes.

He definitely hadnt expected to meet any acquaintances here.

“Who are you I dont even know who you are.” Li Weinan glanced at Zhao Yumo, looking guilty.

“It doesnt matter if you dont know me.

I know you.”

When Zhao Yumo saw how he was trying to wriggle out of the situation, she felt amused by his shamelessness.

“Arent you Li Yunans elder brother Youre now in your freshman year at Jingdu University.

By the way, I also remember your mother, who is working as a nanny in the villa complex.

Liang Xinyi, you also live in the villa complex, so perhaps youve seen her.”

Liang Xinyi was stunned.

With a dazed expression on her face, she turned her head to look at Li Weinan, then at Zhao Yumo.

Just from her reaction, Zhao Yumo knew that she had been deceived by Li Weinan.

“Xinyi, dont listen to her nonsense.

My mother isnt a nanny.

I dont even know what shes talking about.”

The more Zhao Yumo talked, the more anxious Li Weinan became.

After all, he had been masquerading as a wealthy, second-generation political heir to Liang Xinyi.

Now that Zhao Yumo had exposed him so suddenly, he couldnt figure out a way out of this situation.

“Oh my goodness, in order to pursue this woman, youre not even going to acknowledge your own mother.

Tsk~ tsk~”

Zhao Yumo watched Li Weinans pretentious behavior contemptuously, then sneered lightly.

“Liang Xinyi, it feels good to be chased by a man, right”

Liang Xinyi glanced at Zhao Yumo, then looked at Yun Xi, who hadnt been intending to speak.

She mocked Yun Xi, “Yun Xi, dont tell me that you two are jealous that someone is treating me well, are you”

As soon as he heard the name Yun Xi, Li Weinan turned his head abruptly and suddenly became sullen.

“Shes the little b*tch who bullied you and framed you so that you were kicked out of Jing High School”

Liang Xinyi knew that Li Weinan was willing to stand up for her, and she also wanted to settle accounts with Yun Xi to mollify her anger.

She answered Li Weinans questions by nodding her head aggrievedly with eyes that looked sad and red.

Her Oscar-worthy acting skills really impressed Yun Xi.

As the saying goes, some b*tches were hypocritical.

Yun Xi didnt need to think about what Liang Xinyi must have said to Li Weinan to stir up trouble.

However, if he really wanted to stand up for Liang Xinyi, he had better look at his identity first.

Li Weinan was about to make some kind of a move when Zhao Yumo stepped in front of Yun Xi and raised her head with disdain and arrogance.

“What do you want to do Want to fight”

“You get out of my way! This little b*tch has been bullying Xinyi, and I want to get some justice for her.”

“Oh, so you want to seek justice for Liang Xinyi As someone who has squandered his parents hard-earned money on a pretentious b*tch like Liang Xinyi, who the h*ll do you think you are”

“Weinan, forget it!” Liang Xinyi stretched out her hand to pull at Li Weinan.

With an aggrieved expression that made it appear as if she was about to cry, she cajoled him pitifully, “Shes my cousin no matter what.

I live under someone elses roof now, so its normal to suffer a bit of grievance.

As her cousin, I can defer to her.”

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