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Chapter 521: The Bravest Choice She Would Make in Her Life

After dinner, Yun Xi found an excuse to follow her second aunt out of the villa complex.

Once her second aunt had made her way home, Yun Xi turned around and went up the mountain.

Qi Yuan had been waiting for her at the sentry post all day, and, upon seeing her coming, he quickly pushed open the car door and got out.

“Why are you here Wheres Young Marshal Mu”

If she had let him pick her up at the villa complex in person, she would have felt enormous pressure from all the curiosity at home.

“Young Marshal Mu had a special event today, and I have to go up there to record a New Years Eve video with the Si familys Patriarch later.

We should be able to get back before 12 oclock.”

Feeling somewhat helpless, Yun Xi nodded.

He was so busy and she knew he couldnt get out of it, yet he had insisted that she go up the mountain to join him on New Years Eve.

How overbearing!

Holiday lights had been put up all around the Mu Mansion to celebrate the New Year.

The butler had hung a few red lanterns at the door also.

Upon hearing the sound of a car, Great White had jumped up on the iron gate.

Upon seeing Yun Xi getting out of the car, Great White scratched at the iron gate in great excitement.

“Miss Yun, you can wait inside.

Im going to go to do the video for the Si familys Patriarch.

If you need anything, have the butler call me.”

“Okay, go take care of your business.

Happy New Year in advance.”

“Happy New Year.” Qi Yuan smiled faintly, started the car, and drove down the mountain.

The butler was waiting at the door, and Yun Xi followed him in as if it was her own home.

She went into the living room with Great White.

Soon, the butler brought out pastries and milk tea for her, and then he disappeared.

Since Mu Feichi wasnt there, Yun Xi could only use the laptop in the living room to check information online and view some videos.

Great White lay obediently at her feet and slept curled up with his head buried under his tail.

They didnt disturb one another.

At 11:40 p.m., the sound of helicopter propellers could be heard outside, as, in the distance, multi-colored fireworks exploded over the city.

Yun Xi raised her head when she heard the muffled sounds of fireworks.

Great White had already stood up and pawed her.

He bit down on the hem of her clothes and tried to pull her to the door.

“I know that your master is back, but dont be so impatient.” Great White was causing such a fuss that she was no longer in the mood to watch videos.

She put on her coat and went outside.

Positioning lights had been set up on the ground of the apron, and the helicopter stopped neatly on the apron.

Yun Xi stood at the door.

She adjusted her coat and sullenly looked at the man who jumped out of the helicopter.

Even in the dark of night, his refined aura was difficult to conceal.

The helicopter slowly took off after hed gotten out and finally disappeared into the night.

Looking at the person and the snow leopard who were standing at the front door of the mansion waiting for him, Mu Feichi stood still in the open space.

The snow had started to fall, and here were two endearing little rascals waiting for him to come home.

He couldnt describe the feeling that it gave him.

No matter how cold the weather was, it was nothing compared to the warmth in his heart at this moment.

Mu Feichi beckoned to her and looked down at his watch.

It was a quarter till midnight, so the timing was just right.

Amid the snowfall, Yun Xi walked out from under the eaves at the door, stepped into the snow, and walked toward the man standing under the lamppost in the night.

At this moment, she had no inkling that the steps she took today would be the bravest choice she would make in her life.

Great White stood obediently on the porch and very sensibly didnt follow behind Yun Xi.

He didnt want to be a third wheel.

It probably wasnt long since he had left the banquet, so when Yun Xi approached, she got a scent of wine.

She was pulled aside by Mu Feichi as soon as she approached him.

She watched him run to the open space on the other side of the parking lot and turn on the lights.

Under the dim light, a lot full of fireworks was revealed.

Yun Xi was slightly stunned.

So this was why hed insisted that she join him on New Years Eve

The two of them were going to watch fireworks together to celebrate New Years Eve…

That seemed to be the only way people all over the country celebrated New Years Eve…

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