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Chapter 503: The Strong Never Rely on Words Alone

“It is obvious that Young Marshal Mu also admires Yun Xi, but she has the right to choose her own pathway in the future.

The Chen family will unconditionally support all her choices.”

Mu Feichi was not pleased with Chen Ziqus comment in the least.

His woman didnt need anyone else to shelter her, let alone to support her.

Are they saying that when he, Mu Feichi, protects his own woman, he needs to rely on another familys powers

Were they suggesting that he, Young Marshal Mu, the Patriarch of the Mu family, was powerless

“Third Young Master, you should spend more time worrying about your own health.

You dont need to worry about the future of this little girl.”

After saying that, Mu Feichi grabbed Yun Xi and pulled her out of the ward without saying another word.

The members of the Chen family looked dumbfounded.

Unwilling to give up so easily, Chen Yichen chased after them.

As soon as he got out of the ward, he saw Mu Feichi blocking the hallway.

From his posture, it was obvious that he had been waiting for him.

Chen Yichen glanced at Yun Xi, who was standing behind Mu Feichi.

For a moment, he suddenly felt that there was a huge distance between him and her.

Especially with Mu Feichi standing in the middle…he felt that there was an unbridgeable gap.

“Yun Xi, my third uncle didnt mean anything bad.

He just wanted to thank you for saving his life.

You are a valued friend of our family.

No matter what, we would never pressure you.”

Indicating that she understood the intention of the Chen familys words today, Yun Xi smiled and nodded slightly.

“I understand.

I thank you and the Third Young Master for your kindness.

Everything in my life will have to wait until the college entrance examination.

If I dont pass the exam, then it wouldnt be too late for you to help me get in through the back door.

What do you think”

When shed returned to Jingdu, apart from the Jiang family, the Chen family had given her the most help.

If it had been simply that theyd wanted to thank her for saving Chen Yichens life, the Chen family wouldve simply given her some money and dismissed her.

But instead of simply using money to dismiss her, they had also remembered her kindness and helped her in many ways in the months that followed.

She had to appreciate all their goodwill.

“Okay.” Since shed answered his pleas, Chen Yichen couldnt say anything further.

He regretted it, but he couldnt decide her future without her authorization.

Thinking about this, Chen Yichen looked at Mu Feichi, whose gloomy eyes were filled with an icy coldness.

Hed never considered becoming an enemy of this man, but now because of Yun Xi, he knew he wanted to compete with him.

Mu Feichi seemed to have read his mind and crushed his fantasies in one fell swoop.

“I never compete with people who arent on the same level as I am.”

Mu Feichis merciless provocation immediately irritated Chen Yichen, who was already lacking in confidence regarding this matchup.

Clenching his fists tightly, Chen Yichen refused to give up.

He retorted, “Young Marshal Mu, time will tell.

I might not lose to you.”

“Then wait until you have more ability before you challenge me.”

“…” Chen Yichen didnt say another word.

He knew very well that even if that day came, Yun Xi still might not stand by his side.

Yun Xi glanced back and forth between them and didnt understand what they were talking about at first.

“Young Marshal Mu, as a senior, its not nice of you to bully your junior, is it Dont you know you should treat seniors with respect and treat juniors with kindness”

Mu Feichi hadnt expected Yun Xi to speak up for Chen Yichen, and his fierce look suddenly disappeared.

But the words that came out of his mouth were full of teasing and mockery, “When I bullied you, you didnt tell me to treat seniors with respect and treat juniors with kindness.

Yet now, youre speaking up for someone else so actively.”

“…” Yun Xi blushed.

No matter how stupid one was, one could discern what he actually meant when he said hed bullied her.

“So what if Im a senior bullying my junior The strong never rely on words alone.

If you have the ability, then prove it with strength.”

Mu Feichi gave Chen Yichen a cold glance and then led Yun Xi toward the elevator.

Watching them walking away, Chen Yichen felt as if he were choking.

There was an indescribable bitterness in his throat.

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