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Chapter 502: Why Couldnt He Act More Maturely

When Yun Xi saw Third Young Master Chen again, it was as if she were reliving the car accident that had happened the other night.

She still felt speechless when she thought about it.

Although shed been severely reprimanded by Mu Feichi for her part in it, she also felt as if something in her blood had been awakened.

If her kidnapping had awakened her to the idea of becoming stronger…

The occurrences of that night had made her want to become a really powerful person.

Someone as powerful as Mu Feichi and Li Zilan…

Mu Feichi was unreasonably protective of her, so she couldnt rely on him to teach her all the things she wanted to know.

He was right about something though.

Since she could wield a scalpel, in the same way, she could also use a knife.

Listening to Third Young Master Chens words of appreciation and gratitude toward her, Yun Xi smiled awkwardly.

She really wasnt comfortable dealing with these kinds of situations.

Third Young Master Chen was her elder after all, and a big figure in the business world, so she couldnt affront him.

She could only politely repeat how she had simply practiced the benevolence of a doctor in answering his effusive praises.

Because of this lifesaving act, Chen Ziqu gave Yun Xi the green light.

As soon as she finished her college entrance examination, if she wanted to enter the business world or start her own business, he would unconditionally provide her with investments and business connections.

What he was undoubtedly telling her was that, in the future, she would be backed by the Chen family in the business world.

Yun Xi didnt know what to say to react to this pie in the sky, and she looked at Mu Feichi reflexively.

Third Young Master Chen was throwing her an olive branch so sincerely, but wasnt he ignoring Mu Feichi

Sure enough, just as she had this thought, Mu Feichi fired back, “Third Young Master Chen, are you trying to steal people away from me”

“…” He asked this apparently overbearing, unreasonable question with a slightly sullen demeanor.

And, as soon as Mu Feichi had spoken, the entire ward fell silent.

One after another, the people of the Chen family looked toward Yun Xi.

They were all sensible people.

Even if Mu Feichi hadnt explicitly expressed what he was saying, everyone could understand what hed meant.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows coldly, and his sullen eyes fell on Chen Yichen.

Chen Yichen frowned as he looked back at Mu Feichi.

His eyes darkened and his hands, which were in his pockets, tightened slightly.

Letting Yun Xi choose the pathway she wanted to take in the future with the Chen family supporting her had been his idea.

First, in this way, the Chen family could take this opportunity to repay Yun Xis lifesaving of the Third Young Master.

Second, if the Chen family became Yun Xis backers, she would never have to worry about being bullied in Jingdu in the future.

And third, after Yun Xi entered the business world, as the head of the Mu family, Mu Feichi would have to consider the Mu familys rules and Yun Xis identity in the future, so he wouldnt be able to act recklessly, regardless of any consequences.

Chen Yichen was seeking to protect Yun Xi, but he also wanted to use this opportunity to compete with Mu Feichi.

However, Mu Feichi saw through his motives immediately and answered his attempt with a single sentence.

What he had just said was to clearly tell them that Yun Xi was his people.

Whoever dared to even think of stealing her away from him would risk falling out with him, Mu Feichi.

Throughout the whole of Jingdu, who would dare to offend this lord

Yun Xi was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole to hide in.

Mu Feichis words were really reckless.

Although his words themselves werent that serious, he had basically announced her as belonging to him in public.

She had no ties to him, but he had insisted on saying that.

How would she deal with the Chen family in the future

Why couldnt he act more maturely

This cheesy procedure of publicly declaring that she was part of his world really didnt suit her.

Although Chen Ziqu had expected this already, he still froze when he heard Mu Feichi accuse him of stealing his people away.

However, since he was a worldly person after all, upon being accused by Mu Feichi like that, Chen Ziqu laughed as if it had been a joke and played dumb.

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