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Chapter 501: You Just Need to Be Responsible for the Rest of My Life

In order to put on a convincing act, Yun Xi really took every detail into consideration.

Even Yun Yuanfengs hobbies and habits had been taken into consideration.

With so much preparation, if Yun Yuanfeng didnt take the bait, then all her hard work would have been in vain.

The only thing was, for this good show, she needed to use Young Marshal Mus title as a guise, so Young Marshal Mu would just have to just bear with it.

After school, Yun Xi received a call from Qi Yuan.

She took the script and went directly out of school.

She was rejoicing over how Mu Feichi was so efficient, and she wanted to thank them all.

However, as soon as she opened the car door, she saw Mu Feichi sitting in the back seat.

Upon seeing him, Yun Xi smiled awkwardly.

Just as she was hesitating over getting into the car, Mu Feichi reached out and pulled her inside.

He closed the door with a bang.

In the drivers seat, Feng Rui quickly started the car and stepped on the accelerator.

Yun Xi lost her balance and fell on Mu Feichis thigh.

“Young Marshal Mu, I…I…I didnt do it on purpose.”

Trembling, Yun Xi looked at the man with eyes full of embarrassment.

Her face burned as she blushed profusely.

After thinking about it, she was afraid that she would be held responsible, so she blamed the driver.

“Dont blame me! It was Feng Rui.

It was his poor driving skills.

Dont blame me.”

“Feng Rui,” Mu Feichi said coldly.

Feng Rui got goosebumps just hearing Young Marshal Mu call his name.

He didnt know what had happened, but at this time, not only would he be unwilling to take the blame, but also Young Marshal Mu wouldnt be willing to either.

Moreover, from Young Marshal Mus tone, he clearly didnt want Feng Rui to get in between him and his woman.

If he had the balls to take the blame, Young Marshal Mu would definitely let him carry the blame to the end.

“Young Marshal Mu, Im not to blame.

I wont take the blame.”

Yun Xi glared at Feng Rui angrily.

Were they saying that she did it on purpose

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows with satisfaction and then turned his head to look at the little thing pouting beside him and squeezed her pink face with his hand.

“Babe, you must own up to what you have done.”

Yun Xi used scissor hands to pry his hands off her and then looked at his Machiavellian face with an insincere smile.

“Young Marshal Mu, if something really happens, do I have to be responsible for everything”

“You dont need to be responsible for everything, babe.

You just need to be responsible for the rest of my life.”

“…..” This sort of topic really couldnt be continued.

Yun Xi gritted her teeth and took a deep breath and then tried to conceal her embarrassment and shyness.

Turning her head away with a chuckle, she acted as if everything was normal and as if she had forgotten what had just happened two seconds ago.

“Young Marshal Mu, you seem to have quite a lot of leisure time these days.” Shed been seeing him so much recently.

“Why Isnt it good that Im idle Its not like a company as big as the Mu Corporation will go bankrupt any second if left on its own.

Cant I give myself a few days off”

Mu Feichi looked at her with a half-hearted smile.

Since she was able to calm down so quickly, she had good composure.

“Its very good.

Its just that I asked Feng Rui and Qi Yuan for help today.

Young Marshal Mu, you didnt need to personally come to supervise, did you Some things are inconvenient with you there.”

“Did I say I would masquerade as your friend”

“No.” Yun Xi blinked.

“Then whats the point of you personally coming”

“Third Young Master Chen wants to see you, so we will meet with him first now.”

“Oh.” Yun Xi nodded.

She couldnt meet Patriarch Sis wife, but she could meet Third Young Master Chen.

“Also, Madame said that she wanted to see you.

Last time, the bodyguard came to invite you, but you ran away.

Since you acted so mysteriously and didnt give them an excuse, that made many people curious about you.”

“Just ignore me since I dont mean to inflate myself.

Im just a small person unworthy of mentioning.”

“But now, a little person like you is a mystery to them.”

“Then tell them that curiosity killed the cat.”

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