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Chapter 422: No Choice Since You Have Me Wrapped around Your Finger

After putting on the Band-Aid, Mu Feichi held Yun Xis chin and turned her head to face him.

Upon seeing that she had hurt herself again, he had a worried expression on his face.

“Why didnt you hide when the plates were being thrown at you Did your brain run away from home”

“A little injury doesnt matter, and I got even with her.

Han Qins leg burns are much more serious than my little cut, and they wont get better for at least ten days.”

“Why did you get into an argument with her anyway”

Mu Feichi calmly let go of her and patted her cheek.

“If the impact or angle of the flying shards had been slightly different, what wouldve happened to your face”

“…” When his cool fingertips caressed her cheeks, Yun Xi suddenly remembered how her face had been disfigured by Liang Xiuqin in her previous life, and she immediately got agitated.

With shaking hands, she touched her flawless face, feeling extremely grateful and fearful.

Yes! After being reborn, her face had become flawless again, so everything could be restarted.

No matter what, she could no longer push herself into the desperate situations of her previous life.

The nightmares of her previous life had ended when shed woken up reborn.

“Does Young Marshal Mu judge a book by its cover” She raised her head and asked out of the blue.

Even though she knew what the answer would be, she still wanted to ask.

In her previous life, the moment Han Yaotian had seen her disfigured face, there had been undisguised fear and disdain in his eyes.

It was human nature to love beauty.

If this face was ruined, she would have no future.

Mu Feichi glanced at her solemnly, then snorted cockily and raised his hand to flick her forehead.

“Before you ask me this question, you have to ask yourself first.

If your face was ruined, could you yourself bear it If even you cant bear it, what do you think others will do”

“Oh, so Young Marshal Mu, you also judge a book by its cover.”

She didnt expect that he would answer the question.

Other people wouldnt have answered like that.

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly.

His dark eyes were so unperturbed and tranquil that they were unsettling.

“If I wanted to marry someone of beauty, youd have to be beautiful in the first place.

Otherwise, even if you became the Mu familys Madame in the future, although when the lights are out and Im especially horny I could turn a blind eye, if you suffered from low self-esteem, would you dare face me with that face”

“Horny…young Marshal Mu, you really have peculiar taste.”

“I have no choice since you have me wrapped around your finger.

No matter how ugly you get, I will have no choice.”

In terms of the things he decides on and the people he chooses, he never gives up easily.

“…” Yun Xi was stunned.

This answer was deadly and had too many pitfalls, so she dared not jump down the rabbit hole, let alone answer it.

If that day ever came, even if he really didnt find her repulsive, she wouldnt dare to face him.

He was right.

Everyone loved beauty.

Being disfigured was equivalent to being thrown into hell.

Besides feelings of inferiority and resentment, one would never see sunshine again.

Even with her flawless face now she still felt unworthy of him, let alone if she were disfigured.

In this life, she must safeguard her face.

She would make those who had once ruined her face also get a taste of the sense of despair that she had felt.

“Lets go to the hospital later.

I want to check on the patients condition again.

The operation is going to be performed the day after tomorrow.

I want to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Mu Feichi looked at her with an ambivalent expression in his eyes and his thin lips were pursed in concentration.

After a while, he asked, “Why do you have to do this operation In fact, even if you dont, there are other doctors who can assist Joseph.

With the status of the Si familys Madame, if they searched throughout the world, it wouldnt be impossible to find a doctor who could perform this operation.

Its just a matter of time.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and glanced at him.

His deep eyes seemed to be able to see right through her.

She turned her head away to evade his probing look, chuckled lightly, and made up a random excuse.

“Didnt I already tell you I just want the patriarch of the Si family to owe me a personal favor.”

Mu Feichi sighed, but in the end, he didnt say what was on the tip of his tongue.

His eyes filled with inexpressible tenderness as he raised his hand and caressed her head.

“Just do your best, and dont overexert yourself.”

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