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Chapter 394: Never Leave Her One and Only until Death Did Them Part

The helicopter flew for more than an hour before it stopped on a tarmac at a house at the foot of the mountain.

A housekeeper led a group of servants to wait at the gate of the house.

It was a grand formation like when princes return to a palace on TV.

After getting out of the helicopter, Yun Xi looked up at the magnificent, classical Chinese palace-style architecture of the house in front of her.

The glorious archway of the gate was engraved with exquisite wood carvings, and the plaque in the center was marked with characters that said, male phoenix seeks female phoenix.

Yun Xi remembered that this villa was a private manor and not open to the public.

She had never had the chance to come here in her previous life, and she didnt expect to see it in this life.

“The male phoenix returns to his hometown after traveling all over the world in search of the female phoenix.

They are each others one and only.”

Standing on the bluestone road, Yun Xi looked up at the powerful gilt characters on the arch and felt her eyes turning sour.

Using the poem “Male phoenix seeks female phoenix”, Sima Xiangru made a sentimental and bold love confession to Zhuo Wenjun, who had long admired Sima Xiangrus talent.

She fell in love with him at first sight.

But their love was obstructed by her father.

Relying on her longing for love, determination to pursue happiness, and extraordinary courage, Zhuo Wenjun resolutely escaped from the Zhuo Mansion in the dark of night and eloped with the one she loved.

From ancient times to the present, the happiness of those in love is similar, but unhappy people have all sorts of sorrows.

In her last life, disregarding everyones opposition, she resolutely gave up her dreams for Han Yaotian.

Working hard and betting on the happiness of the rest of her life, she pushed him to the highest position.

And…in the end He pushed her off a balcony with his own hands, and she died a gruesome death.

After resurrecting in this life, she no longer believed in love.

Apart from revenge, her only desire was to stand in the highest position that she had once helped Han Yaotian up to.

She wanted to become strong, so strong that she didnt need to look up to or rely on men.

Concealing the emotions in her eyes, Yun Xi turned her head.

With a half-hearted smile, she looked at the man behind her.

“At this point in the story, does everyone think this is a good story”

Mu Feichi silently watched her turn her head with a cold and desolate smile.

At that moment, it felt like there was something stinging his eyes.

The person in front of him, in that glance, seemed to have seen all the prosperity and tasted all the sadness of the world.

This wasnt the little Yun Xi who he knew.

She seemed so unfamiliar, so unfamiliar that he felt scared.

But since ancient times, most men have been disappointing.

Sima Xiangru was no exception.

When he gained some success in his career and was finally promoted to a high government position, after living in the capital for a long time and admiring all sorts of beautiful women, he unexpectedly started thinking about abandoning his wife and accepting concubines.

The days when they used to share adversity and deep affection had long been forgotten.

He didnt remember that he had a wife longing for her husband thousands of miles away.

Zhuo Wenjun stayed in an empty room alone, day after day.

She lived a lonely life, year after year.

As the song “White-hair Sorrow” goes, “I heard you have someone else on your mind, so I wont be a nuisance to you any longer.

I would never leave my one and only till death do us part.” She was determined and had a starry-eyed view of romance that was unwavering, but men like Sima Xiangru are heartbreakers by nature.

In her last life, she had also thought that she would never leave her one and only until death did them part.

Then cruel reality had slapped her in the face.

Mu Feichi took a deep breath.

He didnt want to see this stranger for a single second more.

He felt that even one more glance would make his heart feel suffocated and make him unable to breathe.

Stepping forward suddenly, he stretched out his hands and pressed her into his arms tightly, for fear that his little rascal would fly away.

In his arms, she trembled slightly.

He didnt know why she was feeling so sorrowful at this moment, but her lack of a sense of security made him feel anguished.

From the beginning, he had known that she was an iron-willed, courageous lone wolf who was determined to be resilient and independent.

But he couldnt figure out what she was truly thinking inside.

In front of him, she was able to conceal her deepest secrets so well.

If she didnt want to reveal them, he wouldnt ask.

But today, she had been unnerved by the words, “Male phoenix seeks female phoenix”.

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