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Chapter 37: Bunch of Snobs

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Liang Xiuqin was enraged, so she impatiently retorted, “Of course not! Cant you see that shes a thief!”

The neighbor didnt expect that her genuine concern would result in Liang Xiuqin yelling at her, instead.

It was like she asked for trouble, so she scoffed before going to work with an ugly expression.

Two older women discussed as they walked away, “I think the girl who ran off is the real Yun Xi!”


“Didnt you see her with the jade pendant used to confirm the arranged marriage with the Jiangs”

“I did hear about that jade pendant, but didnt the Yuns call her a thief”

“Who knows if she is actually a thief or not I heard that Liang Xiuqins eldest daughter is very unlucky, so shes destined to bring misfortune to her family and is a star of death.

She was sent to the countryside when she was two.”

“Then why did they ask her to come back now And make such a fuss as well”

“My husband says that Deputy Director Yun is set for promotion very soon, so there will be great hopes of him becoming Director if he could gain support from the Jiangs! Also, Liang Xiuqin is a very superstitious person.

Her eldest daughter brings misfortune to her entire family, so Liang Xiuqin hasnt visited her for over ten years! So why else do you think she is asking for her daughter to come home at a time like this”

“You mean that Liang Xiuqin actually accepted a fake daughter and kicked out her real daughter, who brings misfortune to the family”

“Thats very possible.

Otherwise, why would there be so much drama about the real and fake Yun Xis”


At the entrance of the villa complex, Liang Xinyi chased after Yun Xi the entire time and panted loudly.

Yet she didnt see any sign of the other girl.

The security at the entrance saw that she was an unfamiliar face and was also someone who ran out of the villa complex, so he looked at Liang Xinyi with some surprise.

“Hey, who are you Did something happen”

Liang Xinyi panted loudly, “Hurry! Hurry up and help me catch that wretched girl! She stole my jade pendant!”

“Which family do you belong to Why havent I seen you before!”

“My name is Yun Xi! Im the eldest heiress of the Yuns!”

Liang Xinyi rolled her eyes impatiently at the security, and although he looked better than the young men from the countryside, he was just a mere doorman!

“Thats not right! The girl just now should be Yun Xi! I checked her identification…”

“Im the real Yun Xi! That other one is an imposter! Hurry up and go after her! Its all because you let her in that we got robbed! You guys must take responsibility!”

“What imposter! She registered with her identification and her name is in factYun Xi.

How could this be our responsibility”

The security frowned unhappily as he watched her make a scene at the entrance.

What kind of heiress was she, anyway She had far worse manners than the girl who had registered just now.

“You were the ones to let her in, and you dare shirk responsibility now that something happened Just wait.

I will make sure every one of you pays once my Dad comes home! What a bunch of snobs!”

“Oh my.

Why are you yelling at me She belonged to your family, and youre the one who didnt register when you came in.

How would we know which one is real and which one is the imposter”

The security also became angry since hed never witnessed someone throw a tantrum and treat others like they werent human.

Although they belonged to the security team, even the chief of the villa complex returned their salutes whenever they greeted him.

Hed never seen such a snob!

What a rude person!

“Open your dog eyes and look at me carefully.

Im the eldest heiress of the Yuns!”

Liang Xinyi was accustomed to being spoiled by Chen Lixue in the Liang household, so she naturally had no respect for the security.

Also, she arrived at the villa complex in the Yuns car, so she did not register, and naturally, no one knew who was actually the eldest heiress of the Yun family.

This worked out well.

By causing such a big commotion, Liang Xinyi hadnt been able to steal the jade pendant, nor did she even know where Yun Xi had run off to.

What should she do if she couldnt get the jade pendant

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