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Chapter 328: Drugged Birthday Cake

After the feast, Yun Xi got into Chen Yichens car for the ride home.

She hesitated for a long time before telling him that the two fish he had given her had died.

The two fish he had sent, one red and one blue, were very beautiful.

They had danced, preening like peacocks in the tank.

But who could have ever imagined that they would be poisoned to death by Yun Ziling after Yun Xi had left them for a minute, going upstairs to put away her school bag.

“Dont be sad, there will always be evil people.”

Chen Yichen gave her a sort of world-weary smile and parked by the gate of her compound.

He then turned sideways, grabbed a gift bag from the back seat, and handed it to her.

“Birthday present for little Yun Xi, happy birthday!”

“I even have a gift!” Yun Xi glanced at the logo on the bag and sucked in her breath.

The bag came from a French luxury brand.

Inside was a cashmere jacket that must have cost at least 10,000 yuan.

The Eldest Heir had been really extravagant!

“Of course! There must be gifts for birthdays.”

Pushing the gift bag back toward him, she said, “This gift is too expensive.

I cant accept it…”

She would accept small gifts with a smile, but she didnt dare accept such an expensive gift.

“I bought it just for you.

How can I take it back or give it to my mother If my mother finds out that the birthday present I bought for you wasnt accepted, she will beat me up.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but smile at him.

“Your mother only has one precious son, and she would never beat you.”

“She doesnt want a useless son who cant even give a gift.”

Chen Yichen stuffed the gift bag back into her arms with an insistent expression.

“Just take it.

I dont accept returns.

If you wont accept it, I will get angry.”

“Okay, okay! Ill take it! And thank you.”

“All right, thats good.” Chen Yichen rubbed her head with satisfaction.

“This afternoon, I sent a cake to your house.”

“What You know I dont eat that sort of stuff, so why give it…”

“Girls in Jingdu like to eat cakes on their birthdays.

If you dont want to eat it, just treat it as an act of celebration.”

“Okay! But even though you sent the cake to me, by the time I get home, someone else will probably have already devoured it…”

The shameless Yun Ziling was at home, and the cake will probably have already been eaten before she even got home.

Chen Yichen seemed to understand what she was talking about, and he smiled in a odd way while his eyes gleamed meaningfully.

“Its okay if someone eats it instead of you.

Nonnutritious things arent good for you.”

“What do you mean Okay, then.” Yun Xi felt baffled by what hed said, but she didnt think too much about it.

She got out of the car.

“Get back early, and drive carefully.” After waving her hand at Chen Yichen, she turned around and walked quickly toward the complex.

Wondering if shed understood his hints, Chen Yichen smiled as he watched her leaving.

Back home, Yun Xi saw Yun Ziling sitting on the sofa watching TV while holding a large piece of matcha cake.

Upon seeing her return, the housekeeper rushed over.

“Miss, the Eldest Heir sent you a big cake, but its been eaten already before youre even back.”

Yun Ziling was still fuming about what had happened in the morning, so when she saw Yun Xi return, she didnt bother being polite at all.

“Whats wrong with eating a few pieces of your cake Isnt the cake for eating Could you finish such a big cake all by yourself”

Yun Xi stepped forward and glanced at the cake on the table.

It was a mixed-color cake, half matcha and half chocolate.

Matcha had just emerged in her era, because the raw materials of matcha came from Japan, and the price of good-quality matcha wasnt cheap.

Since the taste was refreshing, it was popular with many girls, and the price remained high.

She knew that matcha was Yun Zilings favorite, but it wasnt her favorite.

“Yun Ziling, you really have no manners at all! Its my birthday cake, so shouldnt you at least ask me before eating it”

“It was in the refrigerator, and there was no name written on it.

How would I know its yours Besides, youve probably never eaten matcha cake in the countryside.

You wouldnt be used to it.

I will eat it for you!”

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at Liang Xinyi who was sitting beside Yun Ziling on the sofa.

Yun Ziling had eaten most of the matcha cake.

Shed only given Liang Xinyi a small piece of the chocolate part.

She was exceedingly stingy.

Yun Xi suddenly remembered what Chen Yichen had said.

She took a little sniff of the matcha.

She immediately smelled something wrong.

“Its really a matcha cake.

Yun Ziling, if you like it so much, then you can eat as much as you want.”

Without bothering to pay any further attention to her, she turned around and went straight upstairs.

It wasnt that easy to take advantage of Yun Ziling, but that matcha cake… Hee, hee, the Eldest Heir really can hold a grudge.

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