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Chapter 327: Dont Covet What Rightfully Belongs to Her

“Anyway, my health is poor only because she is a scourge and shes jinxed me.

She owes me these.

Since shes my older sister, why wouldnt she want me to have them”

Upon hearing all this, Yun Xi couldnt help but sneer.

Yun Ziling really was shameless.

Yao Ying couldnt bear Yun Zilings shamelessness either, and, at this moment, she looked like a mother cat, protecting Yun Xi who was standing behind her.

“Yun Ziling, this is my birthday present for Yun Xi.

It is not yours.

How shameless of you to covet something that doesnt belong to you! Yun Xi is the eldest lady of the Yun family.

Even if she is used to a rough life in the countryside, now that she has returned to the Yun family, you have no right to snatch away what is rightfully hers.

Whats more, this was a present that I gave specifically to Yun Xi.

Isnt your mother rich Let your mother buy it for you.

Didnt you just say that we were being snobby Since youre so proud, go buy it yourself.

Dont shamelessly covet Yun Xis things!”

Yao Ying usually never bothered with people like Liang Xiuqin.

But today was different.

Yun Xi had cured her husbands illness.

Therefore, it would be too ungrateful and unsympathetic of her if she didnt stand up for the girl now.

“Also, you said Yun Xi owes you, but what does she owe you Since you have a congenital heart condition, if youre going to blame someone, blame your mother for making you like this.

Why do you blame Yun Xi Are you also mentally unwell How can she really be such a scourge You and your mother have offended so many people recently and, if it werent for Yun Xis help, your entire family would be in big trouble.

The last time, you asked the Jiang family for help, but did they take care of you Wasnt it because of Yun Xi that the Jiang family offered to help Without her, your family would all be on the streets today.”

“Yao Ying, what do our familys affairs have to do with you Why are you so nosy!”

After having been humiliated by Yao Ying in this way, Liang Xiuqin turned pale.

She was trembling with anger and pointed at Yao Yings nose to curse at her.

“All of you shut up!” In the midst of their argument, the old man threw his cane on the coffee table.

With a crash, the glass coffee table broke in half, and the living room became instantly quiet.

Yun Mingfeng quickly pulled Yao Ying to the side, shook his head, and signaled her not to continue.

“Why are you all arguing Today is Yun Xis birthday, so why do you have to give her a hard time”

The old man turned his head and glared at Yun Ziling sternly.

“There are some things that I will only say once! Yun Xi is the eldest lady of the Yun family, so dont covet what rightfully belongs to her! Especially you, Yun Ziling.”

When the old man mentioned her name, Yun Zilings face turned pale, and she timidly hid behind Liang Xiuqin.

Liang Xiuqin was so angry that smoke was practically coming out of her forehead, but she knew it wasnt wise to answer back the old man at this moment.

She had no choice but to swallow her dissatisfaction.

“Your older sister doesnt owe you anything, but your family, who abandoned her in the countryside for so many years, owes Yun Xi! If anyone ever mentions anything about her being a scourge ever again, they will be kicked out of the house!”

Yun Mingfeng stepped forward to help the old man.

“Dad, dont get angry so early in the morning.

Ah-ying, the snow is so heavy, can you take Yun Xi to school please.”

With that said, Yun Mingfeng took out a big red envelope from his coat and handed it to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, this is your first birthday since you came back.

I dont know what girls like, so keep it for good luck.”

“Thank you, Second Uncle!” Yun Xi took the red envelope happily.

After going upstairs and retrieving her backpack, smiling, Yun Xi briskly walked past the sulky Yun Ziling and out the door.

Empty-handed, Yun Ziling stared at Yun Xis departing figure with an angry grimace on her face.

Even though there had been conflict on her birthday, her second aunt had picked a fight with her mother and won.

Yun Xi was in a great mood all day.

Zhao Yumo and Yang Lu had made an appointment with Yun Xi to go out for dinner after school to celebrate her birthday.

But unexpectedly, she was stopped by Chen Yichen at the school gates.

“Yumo, Yang Lu, we will have to make an appointment for another day.”

The Eldest Heir had specially come to see her, so it wouldnt be nice of her to abandon him.

Leaving her to deal somewhat awkwardly with the gentle, elegant Eldest Heir, the two of them left tactfully.

“Lets go! Im treating you to dinner to celebrate your birthday!”

“How do you know its my birthday”

“Would it be so difficult for me to find out” Chen Yichen chuckled helplessly.

“What do you want to eat”

“Hot pot” Yun Xi glanced at his expensive black wool coat.

It really wasnt suitable for going to places with particularly strong smells.

While she was hesitating about whether or not she should think of something else, Chen Yichen responded directly, “Well, the weather is cold, so hot pot is the most suitable.”

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