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Chapter 323: Repercussions of Being a Playboy

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Yun Xi took a pen and a piece of paper out of her bag and wrote down the prescription: Mulberry Bark (Sang Bai Pi), Wolfberry Root (Di Gu Pi), Scutellaria, Gardenia, Mountain Peony Bark (Mu Dan Pi), Indigo Naturalis, Sea Clam Shell, Japonica Rice, Licorice…

After writing the prescription, she handed it to Shen Ziliang.

“Drink this for one week first.

If it can stop the cough and stop the bleeding, then drink this other one.

This prescription contains Ginseng and Fritillaria.

If you can buy wild Ginseng and high-altitude wild Fritillaria, the effects will be better.”

All these medicinal ingredients were expensive.

The price of wild Ginseng was tens of thousands of yuan for a piece as thin as chopsticks.

Also, they might not be able to find it even at Su Hangs store.

However, the Chen family had no shortage of money and had many contacts, so it shouldnt be difficult for them to get it.

“Okay, thats not a problem.

Ill send someone to get the medicine right away.

You sit here and have a chat with Yun Xi.”

Sitting in the living room, Yun Xi and Jiang Wanyun talked for a long time.

Perhaps because shed received no maternal love, Jiang Wanyuns gentleness and affection made Yun Xi feel happy.

During both of her lifetimes, her mother had been mean and superstitious.

She had never treated her as a mother is supposed to treat a daughter.

On the contrary, it was this relative stranger who treated her like a daughter, and Yun Xi could feel Jiang Wanyuns genuine compassion for her.

Chen Yichen hadnt yet returned from his business trip abroad.

Jiang Wanyuns love and pride for her son were evident.

Her laissez-faire educational style was much better than Liang Xiuqins style of mindlessly spoiling Yun Ziling.

As the days passed, the first snow fell in Jingdu.

Standing in the classroom corridor looking out the window, Yun Xi watched the snow fluttering outside and sighed at the infinite beauty of her rebirth.

In her previous life, once it snowed, fried chicken with beer would become the popular food in the streets.

On such a cold day, Yun Xi suddenly wanted to have some good drinks.

Unexpectedly, right after school that afternoon, she saw that Jiang Chenghuan was waiting for her in front of the school.

Yun Xi had originally asked Zhao Yumo to come to eat hot pot with her, but, seeing the car parked in front of the school, she immediately got into it.

“Why did you two get in the car so willingly today”

Jiang Chenghuan turned his head and glanced at Yun Xi, then said jokingly with a half-hearted smile, “Arent you afraid of being misunderstood and having people see me as a philanderer”

Yun Xi snorted softly, “Whos afraid Were going to eat hot pot.

Why do we have to be pretentiously courteous when we have a voluntary ATM and chauffeur Just drive! Jiang coachman!”

“D*mn! You are the only one in the entire Jingdu who dares to treat me like a coachman!”

Jiang Chenghuan snorted softly, then started the car and asked, “Where are we going to eat”

“An old, established restaurant in the Xicheng District.

Today we have to feast.

Its best if we can eat you bankrupt.”

“Hee, hee…to eat me bankrupt, youd have to have some ability.”

Jiang Chenghuan glanced in the rearview mirror and only then did he get to the topic that he wanted to talk about.

“By the way, I took the medicine you prescribed me before, although the smell was disgusting…”

Yun Xi raised her eyes and glanced at his knees.

“Is the injury healed You didnt get sick when it snowed for the first time this year”

“Well, no! Its amazing and completely unexpected! To express my gratitude, I will treat you to whatever you want to eat today.”

“Its okay! If you have any incurable diseases such as infertility, you can also come to me.”

When it came to this topic, Jiang Chenghuans face darkened.

“D*mn you! Do I look like someone who is infertile Nothing pleasant ever comes out of your mouth.”

Yun Xi laughed.

“You really expect me to say something pleasant to you Are you kidding me”

“Okay, I owe you, so I wont quarrel with you.”

“Yun Xi, whats wrong with this guy” Zhao Yumo, who hadnt spoken until she heard them bickering, asked casually.

“Its nothing.

Its just a repercussion of him being a playboy.”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

“Understood! Understood! Second Young Master, Yun Xis medical skills are very good.

So, if you are infertile, you should go to her! She will give you a 50 percent discount.”

“You shut up! One more sentence and dont even think about getting up from the training ground this Saturday!”

“…..” Zhao Yumo shrugged nonchalantly.

Who was afraid of him

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