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Chapter 313: Bad Reputation

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It had gotten even colder on Monday, so when Yun Xi got up early in the morning she put on a heavy jacket before going out for her morning run.

In Jingdu, snow hadnt started to fall yet during November.

The temperature had approached freezing, though, and the cold wind felt like a knife as it blew at peoples faces.

When she arrived up near the sentry post, Yun Xi saw several helicopters leaving the top of the mountain, and the sound of propellers could be heard in the sky.

She looked up at the helicopters and asked the guard, “Whats happened”

The guard looked embarrassed, and he scratched his head sheepishly, “Miss Yun, you should ask Young Marshal Mu that yourself, or ask Qi Yuan.”

“Huh Qi Yuan is his secretary At such a young age”

It was only now that shed realized that Qi Yuan was Mu Feichis secretary.

When she usually saw him, he was dressed so casually.

It was rare to see him dressed up.

“Qi Yuan is two years older than Young Marshal Mu.

He has been with Young Marshal Mu the longest of anyone.”

“Oh, so thats how it is.” No wonder he looked more mature and level-headed than Feng Rui and was trusted and relied upon by Mu Feichi so much.

“I was just curious.

I have to go to class now, so Ill be leaving.”

As she turned her head to leave, she glanced at the small black spots that were disappearing in the sky and ran back to the villa complex to change her clothes, eat breakfast, and go to school.

However, when she arrived at school, Yun Xi discovered that her classmates were eyeing her weirdly.

She glanced at Li Sinuo coldly and lowered her head as she reviewed her English vocabulary.

Li Sinuo pretended not to see her.

As soon as Yang Lu saw her entering the classroom, she waved at her with a nervous expression on her face.

“Whats the matter” Yun Xi put down the textbook in her hand and asked in a low voice.

“I dont know who has spread the news that you are dating several men at the same time, but the photos have all been posted publicly.

D*mn it, the secret shots were all photos of you in different cars.

Yumo has gone to the principal and homeroom teacher with several photos.

I think this must be Li Sinuos doing, since shes your only enemy in the class now.”

“Theres no one else it could be except her.” Knowing what was going on without even looking at the photos, Yun Xi sneered.

Standing up, she turned and walked to the teachers office.

Even if her homeroom teacher wasnt looking for her, she still wanted to explain this.

Li Sinuo had framed her, so now she was definitely going to settle accounts with that girl.

As soon as she entered the teachers office, she heard Zhao Yumos displeased retort, ​​”What sort of evidence does this count as Teacher Xu, cant you see that she has been set up This one is my driver, and this one is the driver for Yun Xis family.

Her father sent her to school that day.

And this one, dont you know who this is He is the eldest son of the Chen family, and Yun Xi saved his life.

And this…”

Looking at the photos of Qi Yuan, Zhao Yumo was about to explain, but Yun Xi had already entered.

“Principal, Teacher Xu, good morning!”

As soon as she saw her, Zhao Yumo quickly came over to her.

“Yun Xi, you came at just the right moment.

Quickly explain to them that this matter is ridiculous, and someone is slandering you and trying to ruin your reputation.”

Yun Xi whispered to Zhao Yumo, “Even Im not all that upset, what are you so anxious about Dont worry.

Its useless for you to talk to the teacher like that.

Those who believe in me wont doubt me.

Lets put it to rest.”

“What do you mean Do you know who slandered you”

“Lets talk about it later!” Yun Xi winked at her and walked toward her homeroom teacher.

“Teacher Xu, do you believe in me There are rumors circulating throughout the entire grade about me associating with Xiang Yuanjiu and various other men, and even more unpleasant rumors.

Do you think I am this kind of a person”

“Yun Xi, this scandal has given the school a very bad reputation.

I believe in you, but you must also prove your innocence.

Our schools code of conduct has always been strict.

The school doesnt allow such inappropriate behavior, do you understand”

“I understand! Regarding this matter, give me a few days, and I will find the source of the rumors in order to prove my innocence.”

“Do you know who is slandering you”

Yun Xi chuckled and shrugged.

“I dont know for sure yet, but I can only ask you and the principal to give me some time.

I cant explain this sort of thing on my own, and no one will believe it if I explain it.

Instead of having myself explain this, it will be better to let the culprit come to you and explain everything clearly.”

“Okay!” Teacher Xu nodded, then turned to look at the principal.

“Principal, can you give Yun Xi a few days”

The principal glanced at the student who he had been instructed to give special care to from his higher-ups and asked her cautiously, “Are you sure”

Yun Xi nodded.

“All right, Ill give you one week.

Before this Friday, the rumors must be put to rest.”

“Okay, I get it!”

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