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Chapter 304: Not Stupid Enough to Imply Guilt

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In her previous life, Yun Xi had always followed Han Yaotians orders.

She had been let down again and again by him, and the cold equipment in the laboratory had been the only things that kept her company.

In this previous life, she had used up all her strength and courage, and the only thing shed accomplished was to test her medicine on herself.

And the result…

In addition to betraying, framing, and exploiting her, he had murdered her in cold blood!

She could have had a better life except for him.

She had become a fool with only love on her mind.

God had been kind to her and had allowed her to be reborn.

She definitely wasnt going to be merciful to those who had hurt her…

After the second period ended, classmates from the front row wrote a question for Yun Xi and asked her to answer it on the blackboard.

Li Sinuo took advantage of the crowded classroom and asked Yun Xi loudly, “Yun Xi, why do I see different men waiting for you at the school gate almost every day Are they all your friends You have so many friends who are either already out in society or rich men driving luxury cars.

How very impressive it is!”

Everyone could hear the insinuations that Li Sinuo had put in her questions.

She was basically implying that Yun Xi was so impressive that she could hook up with any man.

All the classmates waited, wanting to see how Yun Xi would answer the question.

However, when Li Sinuo said this, they all looked at Li Sinuo instead.

“What are you all looking at me for Im not lying.

Everyone has seen what goes on at the school gates.

The one who was here this morning is still waiting for her at the school gates.

If you all dont believe me, go and take a look.

His car is a Porsche.

He wouldnt be able to afford that unless hes worth 3 or 4 million.

Another one came a few days ago driving a 2 to 3 million off-road vehicle, and last week…”

Yun Xi was busy answering the questions on the blackboard.

Hearing Li Sinuos voice, she raised her eyebrows and finished the question before turning her head.

“Li Sinuo, I didnt realize you were so concerned about my affairs.”

Putting down the chalk, Yun Xi sneered, “What are you implying Are you saying that I have deep social connections or that Im involved in some shady business Or that my methods are unconventional”

“Its only how impressive you are! So many men are circling around you.

Our school prohibits senior high school students from dating.

Are you dating all of them at the same time You are really something else.

So many men at your fingertips…”

She continued to slander her aggressively and self-righteously.

Yun Xis mind was really blown by Li Sinuos shamelessness.

If she fell for Li Sinuos intentionally provocative tactic, she would basically be admitting guilt.

However, she was not stupid enough to imply guilt.

Without saying anything or explaining herself, she turned sideways and pointed to the question on the blackboard.

“Do you guys have any questions about this problem set”

Yang Lu glanced at Yun Xi anxiously.

Shed wanted to defend her, but Yun Xi glared at her to make her shut up.

Since the two of them had been sitting at the same desk for such a long time, there was this tacit understanding between them.

Li Sinuo was harassing Yun Xi, and Yang Lu didnt understand why Yun Xi didnt defend herself.

Disregarding everything else, taking advantage of how their classmates were still confused about Li Sinuos words, Yang Lu quickly raised her hand to divert attention and change the subject.

“Yes! Yun Xi, this question is so complicated.

Is there an easier way to answer it You have already set three formulas there.”

Yun Xi pointed to the problem-solving method on the second-to-last row.

“Its four! Here in the second-to-last row.”

Yang Lu replied, acting stupid.

“I just dont get it.”

Their classmates started laughing at Yang Lu.

Seeing that her provocation had not achieved its intended effect, Li Sinuo glared at the figure at the podium with annoyance.

After her previous incident, their homeroom teacher had stripped her of her position as class monitor, and thus she no longer had any authority in the class.

In the eyes of the students, Yun Xi, an academic star, was more respectable and enviable.

She couldnt understand why Yun Xi, a slut, had better grades than she did.

She also couldnt understand why the entire class followed behind her like slaves

Entering the police station had been the biggest shame of her life.

She was definitely going to settle accounts with Yun Xi sooner or later.

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