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Chapter 297: Seek Justice for His Girlfriend

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It was just that it seemed this little darling didnt seem to want the Yun family to squeeze into the ranks of the four great clans.

Or, in other words, she wanted to rely on her own efforts to make the Yun family rise up in Jingdu instead of relying on him.

The woman he loved was truly extraordinary!

“Look how displeased you look, I was simply casually mentioning it.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes in deep thought.

“And didnt you just recommend something yourself The Zhao family…”

“What are they like, the Zhao family I dont know much about them.

If something like this can happen, the domestic affairs of their family are probably quite messy.

You should investigate them before you consider it.”

“I know about the Zhao family.” Mu Feichi smiled casually with a mysterious expression on his face.

“Qi Yuan, please send a copy of all the detailed information about the Zhao family to the Mu Mansion tomorrow.”

“Okay, Young Marshal Mu!”

“The next heir to the Zhao family is your classmate”

Yun Xi nodded.

“She is the eldest granddaughter, and her parents are meek, so the power of the family has been based in the hands of her second uncle and second aunt.

The old man follows tradition and insists on letting the eldest son succeed, so the second aunt and uncle were plotting to kill, or at least disable, the grandfather.

The grandfather probably still has connections, so theyre keeping him alive for the moment.

I have to change the medicines right away.”

Zhao Yumo definitely didnt have the ability to take over the Zhao family at the moment.

In order to take over a family, she would need the support and the means.

She will soon become an adult, and becoming an adult means having inheritance rights.

“Start with the person who gives the old man his medicine.

Things that can be solved with money are a piece of cake!”

Yun Xi smiled.

“I know, but that is their housekeeper.

I dont like to harass women unless they really do something that crosses a line with me.”

“I will help you with this person.

In terms of the medicine, you get ready.”

Yun Xi nodded.

Then she asked Mu Feichi for his cell phone and dialed Su Hangs number.

They talked over several drugs and he was told to have the medicine ready to be sent to the villa complex tomorrow morning.

When she hung up the phone, Yun Xi suddenly found that Mu Feichi had been staring at her, so felt a little uncomfortable.

“Young Marshal Mu, what are you staring at me for”

The car was fully heated and the lights were dim, so he couldnt see whether she had blushed.

“What major are you putting on the form during the college entrance examination”

“Medical school! I want to be a doctor and heal the wounded.

However, if my dad learns about this, he will become so angry that he will kick me out of the house.”

“Then maybe you should learn normal medicine.”

He didnt want the little hands that he touched every day to dissect dead people.

That would be unfortunate!

Seeing her looking stunned, Mu Feichi smiled and touched her head.

“If you study medical science well, it can help you establish contacts.

Do you understand what I mean”

Yun Xi turned her head in surprise.

It was as if he had read her mind!

She felt like she was standing before him after being stripped naked.

It felt extremely unpleasant.

After giving a nonchalant response, she changed the subject.

She looked to Qi Yuan and said jokingly, “Qi Yuan, do you think we looked like gangsters fighting today”

Qi Yuan didnt expect to be dragged into the conversation.

He glanced at Young Marshal Mus gloomy face from the rearview mirror, then coughed lightly to defend himself.

“Well, it was more like a big boss going to seek justice for his girlfriend.”

Yun Xis face got bright red.

“…You can shut up now!”

The slave was just like its master, so there was no way to continue the topic.

In a panic, she stole a glance at Mu Feichi.

He hadnt stopped Qi Yuan from saying what hed just said, and he looked as nonchalant as usual.

What was this Was he basically silently agreeing or not taking him seriously

She couldnt guess his thoughts, and she didnt dare to guess.

The car stopped at the gates of the villa complex, and Yun Xi got out of the car and waved good-bye to the people inside.

Then she said to Qi Yuan in the drivers seat, “Go back and make a cup of strong water with salt for Young Marshal Mu to relieve his hangover.”

“Okay, I got it.”

After watching her figure disappear into the night as she entered the villa complex, Mu Feichi asked airily, “Are Yun Yuanfengs affairs all taken care of”

“Young Marshal Mu, knowing that you couldnt bear to see that girl go ask someone else for help, I had someone take care of the matter first thing this morning.”

After a pause, Qi Yuan glanced again at the man in the rearview mirror.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you planning to let Yun Yuanfeng take the position of vice president”

Mu Feichis eyes narrowed and their color blended with the color of the night.

“The position of vice president is pretty low on the totem pole, and Yun Yuanfeng wont rise up again after this promotion.

If he can get occasional favors, he will be more relaxed and less likely to try to exploit Yun Xi any longer.”

He was helping her form a foundation of dealing with the bottomless pit that was her father.

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