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Chapter 292: Steal My Right of Inheritance

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Yun Xi had planned to postpone her visit to the Chen familys house until Tuesday afternoon.

Shed wanted to make sure that her father would be anxious for another day or so.

If he felt that it was too easy to get her to fix all his problems, he would just keep on using her indefinitely.

The Chen family were her friends, her network, not a tool for her family to exploit whenever theyd screwed something up or needed a favor.

If she wanted to be in charge of the Yun family in the future, she would have to make certain that she maintained a good relationship with the four major clans, except for the Han family of course.

She wanted to bring down the Han family.

She needed to follow Mu Feichis advice.

She needed to prop up a new family that could provide balance to the three clans remaining after she had gotten rid of the Hans.

This was not something she could do all on her own.

It was going to take time, the right opportunities, and contacts.

And, of course, she would need a strong and powerful person like Mu Feichi to back her

It was going to be easy for her to bring down the Han family, but it wasnt going to be easy to change the power dynamic balance in Jingdu.

The number of people who could change the power dynamic balance in Jingdu could fit on the head of a pin.

Mu Feichi happened to be one of them.

He was the creme de la creme of the elite.

And thus it seemed as if Young Marshal Mu had been a golden opportunity that had been delivered right on her doorstep…

She figured that she had no choice but to seize the opportunity.

“Yun Xi, Ive heard that your medical skills are excellent.

Is that true” Zhao Yumo asked in a tentative manner, while looking at her expectantly.

“Whats wrong Arent you feeling well” Yun Xi put down her chopsticks and looked at her for a bit, then touched her forehead.

“Youre not sick.”

“Its not me.” Zhao Yumo gave a detailed explanation about who was sick and she described the symptoms clearly.

It turned out that her grandfather was ill.

He had been ill for more than six months.

Hed seen a lot of doctors, but they seemed unable to cure him.

Now, he was only surviving on pills and other medical interventions.

Moreover, the doctors that he was seeing had been hired by her ambitious uncles and aunts, and they wouldnt give her any real information on her grandfathers illness.

“They say that Grandpa has Alzheimers, which is just nonsense!”

Yun Xi vaguely understood the situation of Zhao Yumos family.

She frowned as she asked, “Is your father the eldest son Are you the only daughter”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

“Yes, my dad is the eldest son, but hes kind of meek.

I am the eldest granddaughter, and I will inherit the Zhao family businesses in the future.

But my second uncle has a son, who is considered the eldest grandson.

My second uncle and aunt are trying everything they can to keep me out of any of our familys business affairs, because they want to steal my right of inheritance.”

As soon as this matter was mentioned, Zhao Yumo became visibly annoyed.

“D*mn it! I am the eldest granddaughter!”

Yun Xi thought about it for a while.

“I can go to your house.

If your grandfather is not sick, maybe your second aunt and uncle are making him take medicine to make him seem sick.”

Zhao Yumo was taken aback by this thought.

She quickly stood up.

“Then lets go now!”

Yun Xi looked at the time.

“Its too late now.

After school this afternoon, I will go home with you.

You shouldnt say that Im there to see your grandpas condition, but only that Im a classmate who has come to hang out with you in your home.”

“Okay, I get it.

Those heartless, greedy people would never believe you know about medicine anyway.”

After school, Zhao Yumo took Yun Xi home with her in her drivers car.

They headed straight to the Zhao familys house on the Beidi.

As soon as the car drove into the driveway of the villa area, Zhao Yumo showed her which houses belonged to her uncles and aunts.

In her previous life, Yun Xi didnt know much about the Zhao family.

Now, after seeing how they lived with her own eyes, she realized that the Zhao family was probably no less affluent than the four clans.

It was no wonder that her relatives had started to get greedy when the old man became ill.

The car stopped at the door of the villa, and Yun Xi gazed at the magnificent old villa in front of her.

If the Beidi had existed in her previous life, every inch of the land would have been exorbitantly priced.

The price of villa like this would have been at least million.

She hadnt expected Zhao Yumos family to be so wealthy, much more filthy rich than she had thought.

As if pondering something, she couldnt help turning her head to look at the girl beside her.

“Yu Mo, are you really the same age as I am”

“Im one year older than you are.” Zhao Yumo smiled at Yun Xi.

“Im 17 now, and I will be 18, an adult, in June of next year.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Have you thought about what it means, inheriting the Zhao family wealth and businesses”

“Do I need to think about it It is rightfully mine!”

Yun Xi smiled but didnt say anything.

Thinking and doing were two different things.

It might not be so easy to inherit the Zhao familys wealth and businesses and all that would entail.

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