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Chapter 291: Ninja Turtle


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Yun Xi didnt want to give the spoiled brat Jiang Henglin any satisfaction, because she knew very well that the only reason hed come to offer his help to her was because Grandfather Jiang had asked him to do it.

However, Jiang Henglin had wanted her to beg him for help so he could pretend that he was helping her out of his own goodwill.

He wanted her to be grateful to him.

And then he would be able to humiliate her and enjoy a feeling of revenge.

Thinking about her having to beg him for something had made him feel happy.

But Yun Xi really didnt want to flatter someone with such a ridiculous mindset.

Since Yun Xi had not gone to cram school on Saturday and Sunday, her homeroom teacher asked her a few questions after class and told her not to fall behind on her homework.

As soon as the teacher left, Li Sinuo walked up to her and spat out coldly, “Pretentious phony!”

Yun Xi looked baffled.

She actually felt honored to be envied and hated by Li Sinuo so much.

When school ended at noon, Zhao Yumo came to her classroom to find Yun Xi so they could eat together.

They talked about how Liang Xinyi was studying in a nearby school.

Han Wanling hadnt forgotten to help Liang Xinyi make all the arrangements for her new school.

This proved that she hadnt finished using Liang Xinyi as a chess piece yet in her future machinations.

The reason was simple.

Liang Xinyi was one of the closest people to Yun Xi, and it could even be said that Liang Xinyi hated her more than anyone else did.

Han Wanling wanted to have a person to use as a spy to deal with Yun Xi in the future, and her cousin, Liang Xinyi, was undoubtedly the most suitable choice.

It was never too late for revenge.

Yun Xi was looking forward to seeing Han Wanlings improved new tactics upon her return.

“I heard that Liang Xinyi is very popular with the boys in her new high school, you know…”

Zhao Yumo winked, and Yun Xi immediately understood her insinuations.

“She has a high level of tolerance.

Compared to the high-maintenance and spoiled Yun Ziling, Liang Xinyi is more resilient! I think Ill give her a new nickname, Ninja Turtle.”

“By the way, why havent your parents sent her away yet since shes caused so much trouble”

She had heard Yun Xi talk about Liang Xinyis unscrupulous ways, and Zhao Yumo was ticked off at the thought that this b*tch was still living with the Yun family.

“My mother thinks she is lucky and keeps her around just to make me mad.

My dad doesnt take her seriously.

If he didnt think she might be useful in the future, he would have sent her back.”

Moreover, she didnt want Liang Xinyi to return to the countryside so early either.

It wasnt the time for Liang Xinyis family to come to Jingdu to cause trouble yet.

Everything had to be delayed until she had been admitted to university.

Then she would use her aunt to cause strife between her father and her mother.

If her father was promoted, she would push her father to have an extramarital affair.

There are three celebratory events in a mans life: promotion, wealth, and the death of his wife.

Her father was so greedy, so these three things would definitely be the greatest joys in his life!

When the time came, she would be looking forward to these uproars in the Yun family.

As she walked to the schools entrance, a figure in dark green casual clothes suddenly ran over to her.

Yun Xi was surprised.

It was only after she focused that she could see the tall boy who was standing in front of her clearly.

“Xiang Yuanjiu, what are you doing here”

“Yun Xi, Im going to work in Young Marshal Mus company! So I want you to congratulate me!”


“Yun Xi, thank you so much! If it hadnt been for you, I wouldnt have been able to succeed in my entire life.”

“Dont thank me.

From now on, the Xiang family will rely on you for everything.”

Yun Xi stood on her tiptoes and patted him on the shoulder, encouraging him like a good comrade.

“Work hard! Dont worry about your mother.

Someone will arrange for her to be taken care of.”

“Ive arranged everything already.

I…Im leaving today.

I dont know when Ill see you again, but I will keep in touch.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Okay, you have to work hard from now on.

I have to go eat with my friend now, so I wont delay you any further.”

Young Marshal Mus team members were strict about time, so she didnt want to make him late.

“Okay… Then Im leaving.

You take care!”

As he said this, he gazed at her deeply.

Then he frowned and ran to the car, for fear that he wouldnt want to leave her if he stayed a moment longer.

Zhao Yumo poked Yun Xis arm.

“Dont tell me that punk likes you”

“You are joking!” Yun Xi slapped her good-naturedly.

“Lets go, Im starving to death.

Ill treat you to beef noodles today.”

“No, Ill treat you, because I have something to ask you.””Okay, but lets talk after eating.”

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