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Chapter 262: We Have Finally Met!

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The car pulled into the hotels parking lot.

Just before getting out of the car, Mu Feichi took a small floral wreath from his pocket and placed it on Yun Xis head.

Yun Xi froze for a moment, and her body grew stiff.

“Whats the matter”

“Its nothing, just get out of the car!” He unbuckled her seat belt, then walked around the front of the car, and opened the door for her.

When getting out of the car, Yun Xi, with a wreath stuck on her head, glanced at her reflection in the window.

She couldnt help but reach out and start to touch it.

Before she could touch it, Mu Feichi grabbed her wrist.

“Dont move it.

It looks very nice on you.” He led her toward the elevator.

Yun Xi struggled as she was desperately trying to muster an excuse not to walk in with him.

“I…I have to go to the bathroom.”

Mu Feichi immediately saw through her.

“There is one upstairs.

Cmon, well go upstairs.”

Yun Xi bit her lip helplessly and followed him into the elevator with her head down.

Theyd probably arrived late, because there werent many people in the elevator or in the passage.

Mu Feichi let go of her hand and Yun Xi quickly moved away.

“Young Marshal Mu, you go on ahead.”

Respecting her choice, Mu Feichi took the invitation card from his pocket and handed it to her.

“Dont wander around too much, because I wont look for you if you get lost.”

Yun Xi nodded, then turned and ran to find the bathroom.

Mu Feichi smiled, turned around, and entered the banquet hall.

Around the corner of this passage was the smoking area.

Yun Xi had just started to relax when she raised her eyes to see a figure standing by the railing smoking.

The man was leaning on the railing facing her, and the cigarette in his hand gave off a puff of smoke.

The man raised his head when he heard a noise, and his dark eyes fell on Yun Xi.

Hed originally come in just to smoke a cigarette, and he hadnt expected such a fresh-faced young thing to wander in.

Since she was extremely well-dressed, he guessed that she was probably the daughter of a prominent family.

However, upon seeing the man who was standing across from this fellow who was smoking, Yun Xi couldnt help but gasp.

That face, whether in her previous life or in this life, was one she would never forget!

Han Yaotian…

Very well, we have finally met!

The memories from her last life overwhelmed her all of a sudden…the memories of their sweet romance, as well as of his betrayal and his murdering her in cold blood.

At this moment, she felt herself to be in extreme agony, as if she was being torn apart by the memories from her previous life.

The wind blew in from the balcony, and she couldnt help but shiver.

Then the smell of smoke immediately snapped her back to reality.

For a moment, she had really wanted to rush over and kill him, just like how he had pushed her down from the building in her previous life.

But no! This was only the third floor, so he might not die if pushed down, and instead she would become a criminal.

Since she had been miraculously reborn, even if she wanted revenge, she couldnt get her hands dirty herself.

In this life, he wouldnt recognize her, and many things could be repeated again.

She understood Han Yaotians ambitions and weaknesses, so she could take advantage of these.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped back and simply turned around.

Han Yaotians slightly hoarse voice rang out from behind her.


Yun Xi paused, and, turning around, she gazed at the figure walking toward her.

“Little girl, which family are you from Are you lost”

Walking forward, Han Yaotian gazed at the little girl in front of him.

She had rosy cheeks and clear eyes.

When she gazed at him with her huge clear eyes, he felt a dry, hot sensation in his throat.

Although he wasnt extremely experienced, he understood mens conventional standards for beauty.

Such a beautiful little creature, like a green bud emerging from the treetops after the rain, appeared so fresh and full of hope that he couldnt help but want to get closer to her.

Compared with the heavily made-up heiresses, this little girl in front of him was like an elf, so sublime that he dared not tarnish her.

Yun Xi gazed at him coldly and jeered inside.

His hypocritical approach made her feel chilled to the bone and appalled.

She raised the invitation card in her hand, then turned around, and left without speaking.

“Are you one of my guests today”

Han Yaotian was a little surprised.

He had read the invitation correctly.

It was an invitation for his banquet.

It was just that he had no idea about her identity.

But he was certain that she was of no ordinary status.

After all, simply the wreath on her head was incredibly expensive.

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