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Chapter 239: The Woman I Want Must Facilitate a Harmonious Family and World

The camera faced him as he spoke, head slightly cocked, to the wealthy businessmen sitting beside him.

He appeared elegant and charming with a serious expression.

One had the impression that the experience and wisdom hed gained from the battlefield had made him suave and assured.

He was sitting with a group of foreign wealthy businessmen…

And, upon seeing such a scene, Yun Xi could only think of how he stood out from the crowd.

Everyone said that men from the business world werent romantic, but were ruthless people who were intimidating to approach.

But this description didnt describe Mu Feichi.

He was a distinguished man from a prominent family, and he had no shortage of women flocking to him.

All the women in Jingdu were vying for the position of the wife of the heir of the Mu family..

Yun Chuhan, who was just about to go upstairs, suddenly stopped behind the sofa when she saw Mu Feichi on the TV.

Her eyes stared straight at the figure on the TV.

From her fixated stare, it appeared as if it took all her strength to restrain herself from rushing toward the TV.

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at her airily.

Then, leaning back against the sofa, she raised her chin and gazed at her sister.

“Why, do you like Young Marshal Mu”

Yun Chuhan blushed bright red, and she glared at Yun Xi in fury.

“What nonsense are you talking about”

“From your expression, I could say that you wanted to devour Young Marshal Mu.”

Yun Chuhan bit her lip.

It took a few minutes for her to control her emotions, and then she sneered, “Who in Jingdu doesnt like Young Marshal Mu”

Since she knew how to discreetly change the topic, it appeared that Yun Chuhan was at least not stupid.

Yun Xi nodded and deliberately glanced at Yun Ziling.

“Thats right.

Its one matter to like him, but whether or not one can marry him is another matter.”

Although it might have sounded like an offhand remark, a listener might feel personally attacked.

Yun Ziling put down the tea cup in her hand with a bang.

“Sister, what do you mean by that Are you indirectly trying to put me down”

Yun Xi chuckled.

“What are you talking about Wasnt I talking about Young Marshal Mu Why are you so desperate to steer the subject to you, or perhaps Ive hit a nerve”


Grandfather Yun glanced at the girls, then tapped on the table.

“Thats enough, stop quarreling! Cant you sisters just get along with each other Why do you all have to be so quarrelsome Havent your parents taught you all that peace in the family matters the most”

Yun Xi lowered her head to pour water and did not speak again.

The news footage on the TV had now shifted to a private interview with Mu Feichi.

It was rare that anyone had the honor to interview Young Marshal Mu, the head of the Mu family.

The voice of the host asking the questions quivered with emotion.

Yun Xi was drinking tea, and her gaze shifted from the tea cup to the TV.

Mu Feichi stared into the camera with soulful eyes, as if he were trying to see through the camera to the person he most wanted to see.

“Young Marshal Mu, you were born into the Mu family and are now the head of the family.

Everyone is curious if you have a girlfriend”

Such a gossipy question piqued the interest of all the women watching.

“No,” Mu Feichi replied.

The female reporter looked astonished.

Her eyes got wide, and she gasped in disbelief.

Everyone could tell she was a fan.

“Does Young Marshal Mu have any particular standards when choosing a potential mate”

“She must facilitate a harmonious family and world.”

Everyone could understand what he meant when he said “harmonious family”, but the “world” part baffled the reporter.

The female reporter asked him, according to her own interpretation, “Byworld, do you mean someone of a similarly distinguished background”

“The woman I want is someone who stands by my side and is evenly matched with me in terms of capabilities.”

Mu Feichis eyes stared into the lens with immense passion pouring out of his eyes.

Yun Xi had never seen this gentle side of this iron-fisted man, but that gentleness was different from that of a mans love for a woman.

His gentleness and his idiosyncrasies as the one and only Mu Feichi were extremely intoxicating.

The female reporter wanted to ask him more questions, but his bodyguard stopped the interview and escorted Mu Feichi out of the studio.

Standing by my side, evenly matched with me in terms of capabilities…

These words echoed loudly in her eardrums.

Her heart beat silently yet wildly!

She looked down at the tea leaves tumbling around the teacup.

The tea leaves were emerald green, as if they had been born again.

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