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Chapter 238: Remind Me Not to Forget Dealing with You

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On the way downstairs for dinner, Yun Chuhan stopped Yun Xi on the stairs.

The whole family had found out that Liang Xinyi had been arrested and was being detained at the police station.

Her mother had caused big trouble for herself and deserved to suffer the consequences.

However, Yun Chuhan knew very well that Yun Xi must have done a lot of meddling.

Her eldest sister, acting so weak and feeble, was in fact calculating and cunning.

Yun Chuhan raised her head and looked at the haughty figure on the stairs and taunted sarcastically.

“Well done, sister! Since youve come back, youve not only trounced our mother, but also Liang Xinyi.

I really cant help but admire your clever tactics.”

With cold, clear eyes, Yun Xi chuckled and gazed at Yun Chuhan condescendingly.

She wasnt bothered by her sarcastic tone and, acting as if shed taken her words literally, she nodded instead.

“I accept your compliment.”

With a look of self-righteousness on her face, she candidly, unceremoniously, and curtly treated Yun Chuhans sarcastic taunt as praise.

Yun Chuhans face turned dark, and her eyes gleamed with loathing.

“Yun Chuhan, did you stand here to compliment me just to remind me not to forget you when Im dealing with them”

She descended the steps, getting two steps closer to Yun Chuhan, but she still appeared to be looking down on the world with condescension.

“Im not in a hurry, so why are you anxious Im not taking your little ruses seriously at the moment.

Of course, when I deal with you, naturally I wont be merciful.

I must be worthy of the 10,000 yuan youve collected.”

“You…” Upon the mention of the10,000 yuan, Yun Chuhan felt guilty and nervous.

Her lips quivered and her eyelids flickered.

“What do you mean”

“You know what I mean.”

Yun Xi didnt want to tell her everything specifically.

Besides, all she wanted to do was to unnerve Yun Chuhan for a while.

She didnt have the spare time to deal with Yun Chuhan yet.

Watching Yun Xi going downstairs, Yun Chuhan started to feel uncontrollable panic inside.

Yun Xi had been back for a while, so she had been able to watch her methods.

Her mother, Yun Ziling, and Liang Xinyi had failed to bring her down even though they had joined up against her.

Yun Chuhan realized that she had joined in conspiring against Yun Xi, even though she hadnt actually done anything yet.

She felt very vulnerable and apprehensive.

Without Liang Xinyi at the table, Yun Xi enjoyed the meal much more than Liang Xiuqin did.

Her mother maintained a stony expression the entire time, and her eyes blazed as if she wanted to burn up Yun Xi.

But Yun Xi didnt care at all.

After dinner, the old man asked Yun Xi to stay behind in the living room to make tea, probably because he had something to talk to her about.

Sitting on the sofa, Yun Xi boiled the water for tea while watching the news on TV.

Just as Yun Ziling was about to go upstairs, Liang Xiuqin pointed toward the living room and whispered to her, “Youre being stupid.

That wretched girl is pretending to be a Goody Two-shoes.

You have to at least go in the living room and pretend to care.”

“Mom, I dont want to go.

Its boring to watch the news.”

“You have to sit there for me even if you dont want to go.

Let me tell you, if you continue to be so unambitious, you will have nothing when your sister inherits the Yun family fortune.”

The eldest daughter of the family had the right to the inheritance.

If they could succeed in driving Yun Xi back to the countryside, then the right to inheritance would fall into her hands.

Yun Yuanfeng was the eldest son, and the right to the inheritance was in the hands of his daughter.

“Oh, then okay.”

Upon thinking about how something that belonged to her could potentially fall into Yun Xis hands, Yun Ziling dared not be so lazy anymore and walked over to the sofa and sat down.

Yun Xi raised her eyes and glanced at Yun Ziling.

She could read right through her.

“Why, do you want to drink some tea too”

Yun Ziling glared at her.

“May it Arent you making tea for people to drink it”

Yun Xi smiled and nodded, then pushed a cup of strong tea in front of her.

“Okay! This cup is for you.”

The old man was watching the news being broadcast on the Jingdu Channel.

As Yun Xi looked up, she suddenly saw a familiar figure on the news.

He was wearing a dark green suit and leading a group of men in black suits on a red carpet.

He was standing tall and upright and his suit was impeccably tailored.

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