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Chapter 237: Ruthless and Fearless

Yun Xi, Yun Yuanfengs daughter, was his only hope.

It was possible for her to establish ties with either the distinguished Jiang family or the affluent Chen family.

Yun Xi determined how prosperous his life was going to be for the next 20 years or so.

Compared to the useless outsider, Liang Xinyi, Yun Xi was much better in so many aspects, not to mention that Yun Xi was his biological daughter who was related to him by blood.

She could help establish ties with two distinguished families, but what could Liang Xinyi help him with

Besides not helping him with anything, lately, she kept dragging the Yun family down.

If he used his influence to pressure people into getting Liang Xinyi bailed out that day, it was very likely that the authorities would investigate him tomorrow.

At such a critical period when he was waiting on a promotion, any mistake had the potential of making him lose his job.

That brainless woman hed married, Liang Xiuqin, acted as if she had been bewitched, caring more about an outsider than her own daughter.

She was really out of her mind.

After being yelled at by her husband, Liang Xiuqin felt the rage that she was forced to contain building up and getting trapped in her throat.

She felt so suffocated that her face grew red.

“What are you yelling at me for Ever since this wretched girl came back, the entire Yun family has been on edge.

Did you forget what the fortune-teller said Her presence will kill us.”

“I think you are the one who will kill us all.”

Pointing to her nose as he scolded her, Yun Yuanfeng was completely exasperated by Liang Xiuqins obsession with superstitions.

“During this period, which incident hasnt been caused by you and your troublemaker niece Besides getting a taste of your own medicine, youve also managed to drag me down, and yet you continue to shamelessly blame Yun Xi.

If she hadnt gone to the Chen family to plead for mercy, you wouldve no longer been the wife of a vice president.

Liang Xiuqin, Im warning you: dont get too big for your britches.

If you dare to give me any more trouble, I will kick you and your niece both back to the countryside.”

A woman who could only drag him down was useless to him.

He must have been blind to have married her.

Not only did she have no distinguished background, but she was also troublesome and a petty gossip.

Yun Xi stood on the sidelines nonchalantly, regarding her fathers ferocious countenance.

It seemed as if she had not been mistaken.

Her father didnt have much affection left for her mother.

For Yun Yuanfeng, his personal interests and his future were his top priorities.

Liang Xiuqin had no distinguished background, so she couldnt help much in terms of his future.

Their marital relationship had to make way for his career ambitions.

There were probably only a very few people who would scheme against and deliberately try to cause a rift in the marital relationship between their biological parents, but Yun Xi was one of the few.

However, she couldnt be blamed for being so heartless and merciless.

In her last life, when her father had sold her off to investors for the sake of his own future, he had been much more heartless than she was.

And as for her mother, not only had she scarred her face, she also hated her so much that she wanted her to die.

It was true that she was cursed with the lonesome fate of a scourge.

In this life, there was little love between her and her parents, so any sort of familial affection was out of her reach.

“You… youre actually threatening me because of this wretched girl.

What is so great about her Wait until she ruins you! Youll regret this.”

“You dont need to be giving me warnings.

Yun Xi is better than that idiot you brought from the countryside.”

Yun Xi tugged at the corners of her mouth, concealed any expression in her eyes, and took out a notice from her bag.

“Mom, this is Liang Xinyis expulsion notice.

The principal asked me to bring it home to you.”

“What do you mean” Liang Xiuqin, who was still fuming, was stunned when she heard the word expulsion.

“See for yourself.

Im going upstairs to do my homework now.”

Yun Xi leaned down and put the notice of expulsion on the coffee table, then turned around and went upstairs.

The expulsion notice was like the fuse on a stick of dynamite.

As soon as shed reached the second floor, Yun Xi heard the sound of objects smashing downstairs.

And… her mothers screams and cries.

Each step her soft embroidered canvas shoes took up the stairs was loud and firm.

Concentrating on her path to revenge and becoming stronger every day, she would be ruthless and fearless.

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