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Chapter 227: Setting Me Up

This picture had been given to her by Qi Yuan.

She didnt know whether it had been taken when Mu Feichi made someone follow Han Wanling, or if hed known from the beginning that Han Wanling was going to conspire against her and so had gone out of his way to dig up dirt on her.

The angle of the photo was very clever.

Sun Mings hand was resting on Liang Xinyis leg, and her skirt was lifted up fairly high.

Had it not been for what she and Yumo had witnessed that day, she wouldnt have been able to believe that Liang Xinyi would simply sit there shamelessly.

If she really was willing to use whatever means necessary to achieve her goals and was willing to make such huge sacrifices to incriminate Yun Xi, it was fairly impressive.

Mu Fei clearly knew that Han Wanling was trying to dig a huge trap for her and was just waiting for her to jump into it.

Obtaining such a photo for Yun Xi was equivalent to giving her a sharpened knife to use on a pig or a sheep.

Liang Xinyi stared at the photo in Yun Xis hand with venomous eyes.

She didnt know what evidence was in the photo, but she felt anxious and panicked.

When the principal and their homeroom teacher saw the photo, their faces immediately turned extremely ugly.

“This…this is…”

Upon seeing the face of the perverted man in the photo, the principal couldnt calm down.

Wasnt that his nephew, Sun Ming

And the female student next to him, wasnt she the student from the third class who was standing in front of them now

Such an unsightly photo was not only ugly, but extremely vulgar also.

With trembling fingers, the principal pointed to the photo in Yun Xis hand.

His expression was nervous.

“This…where did this photo come from”

Yun Xi shrugged and made an excuse to deflect blame.

“I dont know who put it in my desk, but I didnt think it was a good idea for this to spread around, so I put it away.

I didnt expect…”

Yun Xi purposely glanced at Liang Xinyi.

The meaningful expression in her eyes made Liang Xinyi feel unsettled.

“I didnt expect that my cousin would be with Teacher Sun…”

Before Yun Xi had finished speaking, Liang Xinyi rushed over and grabbed the photo from Yun Xis hand.

Upon seeing the photo, Liang Xinyis eyes went dark and she nearly fainted.

In this era, being photographed in such a manner was completely unacceptable.

In addition to becoming a public laughingstock, it could ruin her reputation for the rest of her life.

Shed thought that no one knew, but it turns out that someone had taken a photo of them in such a compromising position…

Moreover, that b*tch Yun Xi had spread the word in front of so many people.

If word of this got out, her reputation would be completely ruined.

It had taken a long time for Teacher Xu to snap back to reality after seeing the photo.

He glared at Liang Xinyi angrily.

A rotten apple had really ruined the entire barrel of his classroom.

“Liang Xinyi, how could I have a student so immoral and degenerate such as you! Youve really brought me shame!”

“No…its not true!”

Liang Xinyis eyes got red and full of tears, and she raised her head resentfully.

“Yun Xi, it was you! You must be the one who has incriminated me.”

“Cousin, you yourself know best how could I even incriminate you with such an accusation I blackmailed you into going somewhere like that”

“You…” Those words really irritated Liang Xinyi, and she glared at Yun Xi viciously as if she wished to devour her.

Yun Xi tugged at the corners of her mouth nonchalantly, and the expression on her face remained calm and self-assured.

“Liang Xinyi, you sacrificed yourself to get the password for the multimedia classroom from Teacher Sun Ming.

In order to pin the blame on me, you stole something and gave it to the gangster I saved the other day.

You also let the administrator know that the multimedia classroom had experienced theft so the principal would get involved and the matter would blow up, so I would get arrested and the school would expel me.

However, you didnt expect that the school actually had surveillance cameras, so your plan to incriminate me failed.

You say that I made you steal the stuff, but since the stuff is now with the gangster, as long as we catch him, the truth will come out.

As for why Li Sinuo coincidentally appeared here also, isnt that an indicator that you two conspired against me”

“Shut up, you b*tch! Obviously, you are trying to set me up!”

Liang Xinyi was boiling with rage inside.

If it werent for the fact that she had to prove her own innocence, she really had the urge to rush forward to strangle Yun Xi, that wretched b*tch!

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