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Chapter 201: She Shouldnt Even Think about Escaping Him in This Life

Seeing that hed stopped trying to kiss her, Yun Xi finally pushed the man away a little, stiffened her neck, and moved back in her seat to show him she didnt want him approaching again.

“Young Marshal Mu, your habit of gnawing on other people must be treated.

If youre sick, you must be treated.”

“I am sick, so do you have any medicine”

“…” Yun Xi found that she simply couldnt communicate with him at such a time.

She didnt even know why this man was so moody, and…liked to take advantage of her so much.

Obviously she was like a twig compared to the promiscuous sensual women out there.

She had no feminine charm or curves, so why did he keep wasting time with her

Slightly squinting, Yun Xi raised her hand and pushed the man back into the drivers seat, then pulled over the seat belt and buckled it.

With warning eyes, she glared at him threateningly.

“I can give you a rabies vaccine if you would like.”

“Am I a dog” Mu Feichis dark eyes darkened, and his tightly pressed thin lips curled up slightly.

“What else” Biting her lips and puffing out her cheeks, Yun Xi glared at him.

Perhaps it was because he was infuriated or amused by her self-righteous attitude, but there was a carefree expression in his eyes.

The sunlight from outside the window shone through, and he leaned on his side of the car with one hand on the back of the seat behind her head and the other hand on the steering wheel.

As if hed suddenly thought of something, his eyes gradually grew mischievous when he gazed at her.

“I remember that girls like men who are loyal dogs the most”

“The loyal dog analogy refers to other men.

How can you be considered a loyal dog You are a wolf.”

Loyal dog really couldnt be used to describe the man in front of her.

He was the man in charge of the Mu family.

After experiencing many battles and hardships, their family really couldnt be described with the term loyal dog.

“Wolf” He said the word playfully.

His piercing gaze fell on her calm and provocative eyes, and she appeared so adorable that he couldnt help but want to take a bite.

“Perverted wolf.” Turning her head away, Yun Xi added seriously..

“Okay, you can treat me like a perverted wolf.

I will eat you sooner or later anyway.”

Such straightforwardness made Yun Xi blush.

Since she was no longer a child, she naturally understood his meaning.

He was trying to show affection for her.

Young Marshal Mu was very skilled at flirting.

Ever since shed returned to Jingdu, Mu Feichi had never seemed to conceal his feelings for her, and this made her feel both scared and anxious.

Shed wanted to become stronger, but she didnt seem able to do anything alone without him.

Whether it was the life-saving techniques she was learning or from a career standpoint, none of the things shed been experiencing were things she would have come into contact with as an average person.

Although shed never thought of relying on him, he was the head of the Mu family, and becoming strong inevitably meant crossing paths with him.

If she avoided him at such a stage, knowing his temperament, not only would he hunt her down ruthlessly and aggressively, the attempt might also backfire on her.

This was a dead end, a dead end that she couldnt find her way out of.

Mu Feichi didnt realize her internal conflict and struggles, and he simply thought she was being shy, so he chuckled a little with a doting expression in his eyes.

Raising his hand and rubbing her head, he turned around and started the car without teasing her any further.

“Its already noon, so accompany me for lunch.”

He was serious about her, and he knew what he truly wanted.

He wasnt an irresponsible person, and since she was his one and only, she shouldnt even think about escaping him in this life.

As for the Jiang family, he didnt care at all.

If young Master Mu of the distinguished Mu family had set his sights on a woman, would that bunch of old men really be enough to stop him

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