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Chapter 194: A Punk

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Yun Xi had never imagined that she would have anything to do with such a guy as that punk.

She had just gotten onto the bus when suddenly Xiang Yuanjiu sat down beside her.

Yun Xi gave him a speechless glance, then got up and ran off the bus.

Jing High School had strict school codes, and it was the school with the most high-scoring students on the national exam.

It could be said to be the role model for all the high schools in the entire country.

If she associated with a punk like this guy, Jing High School could give her some kind of written warning or perhaps even expel her.

Also, his sudden appearance seemed much too coincidental, and she couldnt help but suspect that Han Wanling had something to do with it.

No matter what, she must keep a distance from him.

Otherwise, if she got herself into some huge mess, who knew whether shed be able to recover from it.

After getting off the bus, Yun Xi deliberately took a detour around the school to try to prevent him from following her.

New sports equipment had recently been built near a wall and there was a chair next to the wall.

If she jumped up on it, she could climb over the wall.

After turning to look at the figure chasing her, she jumped on the chair without hesitation and climbed over the wall.

“Hey, what are you running for You should feel honored that I like you.”

“You should also feel honored that I despise you.”

Yun Xi yelled at him as she turned and jumped down from the high wall.

The man behind her didnt give up and jumped down from the wall as well, but he was not so lucky.

As soon as hed jumped down, he twisted his ankle.


Listening to the pitiful, painful howl behind her, Yun Xi finally stopped.

She felt it was her duty as a doctor.

She took a deep breath and walked back.

Then she bent down to check his sprained ankle.

“I must say, do you have to be so desperate Since when is it that important to go chasing after a girl”

Xiang Yuanjiu smiled stubbornly and touched his nose.

“That shows how much my heart aches for you… Ah!”

As he was trying to be funny, Yun Xi squeezed his twisted ankle.

“It hurts.

Are you trying to kill me”

“If I wanted to kill you, wouldnt I just step on your wound to vent my anger”

Yun Xi glanced at him speechlessly, and, when she raised her eyes, she saw that his two men had also climbed over the wall.

“Boss, boss…”

“Boss, are you okay”

“What are you all looking at Help me up quickly.”

Yun Xi stepped back and nonchalantly glanced at Xiang Yuanjiu.

“There is a noodle shop in the alley outside, so you can help him walk over there.”

At the entrance of the noodle shop, Yun Xi sat on a small bench, took out a notebook from her bag, and wrote a series of Chinese medical formulas.

Then she gave 50 yuan to his two underlings.

“Go and help your boss.

Go buy him this medicine.”

The two followers looked toward Xiang Yuanjiu, who felt like kicking them out of impatience, but he winced in pain as soon as he moved.

“What are you all standing there for Hurry up!”

“Well go right now…”

Yun Xi ordered two bowls of noodles.

Xiang Yuanjiu glanced at the small shop with an expression of disgust.

“Youre eating noodles I couldve treated you to a good meal.”

“Its up to you whether you eat it or not.” Yun Xi was too lazy to talk to him.

The beef noodle soup from this noodle shop was delicious.

The noodles were chewy but not sticky, and the beef was very juicy and tender.

After being seasoned with a handful of coriander and sesame oil, it was to die for.

Yun Xi and Yang Lu came here often and ate before the last bus heading home arrived.

The noodles arrived quickly.

Yun Xi took the chopsticks and started devouring the food, not caring whether the man beside her ate it or not.

Xiang Yuanjiu stared at her for a long time.

Soon, he was drooling just seeing her eating with such relish.

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