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Chapter 193: Horny Teenagers

As the days quickly passed, the leaves on the ginkgo trees that ran up and down the streets of Jingdu gradually turned yellow.

After a rain shower, the golden leaves all fell onto the ground.

Compared to Muyang, Jingdus autumn was more intense and more vibrant.

After those in the advanced classes had started their rigorous prep courses, their homework doubled and their quizzes were overwhelming.

Yun Xi discovered that Liang Xinyi seemed to be up to something lately.

Shed heard from Yang Lu that Liang Xinyi had bet with people in the class that she would score in the top ten on the next exam.

Liang Xinyi sounded so certain that one couldnt help but wonder how she planned on cheating, because it was practically impossible for someone whod scored second-to-last place to move up and rank in the top ten in such a short time.

Yun Xi knew Liang Xinyis academic abilities very well, so if she wanted to dig her own grave, who was she to stop her

She didnt know whether shed been simply imagining things, but after school these past few days shed felt as if someone had been following her.

One day, Yang Lu invited her to a small cafe outside of school for lunch.

As she was coming back to school, she noticed a few gangsters standing by their cars near the gates to the school who kept staring at her.

Seeing the malice in their eyes, Yun Xi couldnt help but be wary of them.

Shed almost been kidnapped once, so when she saw these punks, she couldnt help being wary.

After school that afternoon, as Yun Xi walked out of school and was about to head to the bus stop, a figure suddenly shot out and made a beeline toward her.

She lithely swerved to the side, then seized the opportunity to raise her foot and trip the person who had bumped into her.

It wasnt that she was mean-spirited, but it was obvious that the person had intentionally intended to harm her.

It was a case of an eye for an eye.

The person hadnt seemed to expect that she would suddenly stretch out her foot, and he fell directly to the ground.

“Ah…short-sighted fool!”

Yun Xi took a step back and squatted down to look at the man lying on the ground.

Wasnt he one of the same little punks whod stared at her at the school gates this noon

“I must say, are you really that desperate Im just a student, so no matter how desperate you are for money, how much do you think you can get from me”

“Little girl, why are you so vicious Help me up!”

Yun Xi stood up, glanced at the two gangsters who had just come from around the corner, and moved aside.

“Boss…boss, are you okay”

Two underlings quickly helped the man on the ground get up, spitting out a mouthful of dust as he stood up.

Looking at Yun Xis nonchalant attitude, he inexplicably found her interesting.

“Little girl, you have some balls!”

“Whatever!” Yun Xi gave him a dirty look.

These punks were no match for her.

The man touched his nose and coughed.

“Well, I like saucy girls like you.

My name is Xiang Yuanjiu, how about you”

“…” Yun Xi looked at him coldly.

He really had no idea how to flirt.

“Girl, how about you become my girlfriend.

Come with me, and Ill make sure you live the high life.”

Upon hearing this, Yun Xi held back a smile and her eyes twitched.

With disdainful eyes, she glanced at the little punk in front of her.

He wasnt particularly bad-looking, and he didnt appear that old either.

He was probably a sophomore or junior in college.

He had messy bleached hair and was dressed in punk fashion.

He seemed somewhat different from run-of-the-mill gangsters.

He looked a bit…childish.

“Youre…interested in me”

“Yep, Ive set my sights on you.”

Yun Xi snorted.

“Sorry, I have no interest in you.

Im not attracted to kids like you, so get lost, little brat.”

Horny teenagers coming all the way to the school gates just to flirt with girls seemed so immature to her, someone whose mental age was 30.

Too lazy to talk anymore nonsense with him, she turned around and walked to the bus stop.

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