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Qi Yichen glanced at her and ignored her order.

“Two bowls of beef noodles with ginger.

No onions or coriander, please!”

“Youve already decided for me.

Why are you still asking me what I want to eat”

She turned around and sat down.

She lifted her eyes and looked at the man opposite her who was pouring hot water into a disposable cup.

His domineering and unreasonable style could be seen in all military men.

“I asked because I respect you, but I didnt say that the decision is in your hands!”

Qi Yichen pushed a cup of hot tea over and snorted.

His handsome face was full of disdain.

“Your hands are as cold as ice.

Why did you imitate the ancient people and look up at the bright moon in the cold wind With your small body, do you still expect to be poetic”

Holding the warm cup in her hand, her cold hands finally felt a little warm.

She heard the mans rude mocking voice and suddenly missed Mu Feichi, who was on a mission.

She did not know where he was right now, or if he was also hiding in the cold wilderness all night.

The lady boss soon served the beef noodles.

Qi Yichen handed her a spoon.

“Drink some soup to warm yourself up!”

“…” Yun Xi looked at the spoon in her bowl, starting to understand why he had rejected her choice.

Eating steamed buns really couldnt help her get rid of the cold.

She had just been blown by the cold wind outside the villa.

Even though the car was warm, she still felt that her hands and feet were so cold that they were trembling.

If she forced herself to go back, she might really catch a fever or a cold tomorrow.

She took a sip of the piping hot beef soup.

The taste of the soup was just nice and salty, with a hint of ginger in it.

“With your weak constitution, how did Lord Yan take a liking to you and accept you as his disciple”

“Could it be because I am as beautiful as a celestial fairy with exceptional talent”

Qi Yichen paused for a second and rolled his eyes at her.

“You Youre not as pretty as me.

Lord Yan must be blind to fancy you!”

“Are you jealous of me After all, Instructor Yan only took Mu Feichi and me as his disciples.

No one else has a chance!”

“Did jealousy disfigure me, hmm”

“Exactly! Now eat your food and dont talk so much nonsense!”

The huge noodle shop was noisy and lively.

A bowl of steaming hot noodles seemed to be the best reward for them on this cold spring night.

Many years later, Qi Yichen still recalled the noodles he had eaten that night.

What he remembered was not the taste of the noodles, but the beautiful and enigmatic face in front of him.

“When you wake up tomorrow, there will be a lot of things waiting for you.

Are you mentally prepared”

Yun Xi knew what he was referring to.

After slowly drinking half a bowl of soup, her body finally felt warm.

She raised her head and smiled at him.

“Ever since I returned to Jingdu, Ive been dealing with this sort of matter.

To me, theres no need to be mentally prepared.

Since I dared to do it, I must have made preparations to deal with the storm.

Only by pulling out tendons and being skinned alive can I be reborn.

Other than that, there are no shortcuts, right”

“What you said makes sense!” Qi Yichen nodded and chuckled.

“But Qi Siyu never understood such obvious logic.

No wonder Mu Feichi didnt like her.”

“Arent the two of you twins Usually, such siblings have a good relationship.

Why do you seem to despise her”

“Shes delusional, and her wishful thinking is beyond help.

Im just giving an objective evaluation from the perspective of a bystander.

It has nothing to do with the relationship between siblings.”

Compared to Qi Siyu, this girl looked young, but she had a delicate and clear heart.

She could see clearer than anyone else.

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