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The noisy banquet hall gradually calmed down.

No one noticed two figures by the window at the side door.

No one knew how long they had been there.

After all the guests left, Qi Yichen stood up from the window frame and walked out of the banquet hall.

After sending off the guests, Yun Xi sent her family back.

She stood alone in the cold courtyard.

The ice-cold air was filled with the faint fragrance of flowers.

The coldness that rushed over her made her even more clear-headed.

“Young Miss, theres news from the hospital that Lin Shuhuas operation has ended.

Her child was too young and couldnt be saved.

In addition, she suffered heavy bleeding and had to have her uterus removed.

She hasnt woken up yet.

Her relatives have already rushed over.”

Xiaosi hung up the phone and walked over.

The arrangements for tonight had exceeded their expectations, but the results were better than they had expected.

“Got it,” Yun Xi replied indifferently.

She raised her head to look at the moon that was about to turn completely round.

She tightened her hand that was in her jacket and then loosened her grip.

Even though she had already predicted all the consequences and had mentally prepared herself when she saw Lin Shuhua fall, she still felt a little sad when she heard this outcome.

“In the end, Im still not good at scheming.

Eldest Heir is right.

I didnt win beautifully today.”

As if sensing that she was in a bad mood, Xiaosi looked up at the cold figure in front of him.

“Is Young Miss pitying that child”

“Thats not the case.

I merely feel that power is like a fleeting cloud.

However, many people are unable to understand it.”

“When a person is alive and doesnt fight or retaliate, thats not a common person like us, but a monk in a temple.

Everything that people do is to live a better life.”

It was rare to hear such words from the usually cheerful Xiaosi.

Yun Xi couldnt help but laugh.

“Youre becoming more and more like Mr.


“Boss is a legend.

Young Miss, you can get to know him better when youre free!”

Yun Xi nodded.

From the way the ten of them talked and acted, or whether it was their mannerisms and various skills, she could imagine just how outstanding Xiao Jinglin had been when he was young.

Such a man must have been like Mu Feichi now, a god that all women dreamed of having.

She turned around and was about to leave when she saw two figures standing at the entrance of the banquet hall.

She couldnt help but be stunned.

In the bright yellow light, Qi Yichen was dressed in dark blue casual clothes.

He looked like he had just come from a golf course.

“The guests have all dispersed.

Lass, are you still here”

Qi Yichen walked over with a glass of warm water in his hand.

After coming in, he handed the glass to her and did not seem to care if she took it or not.

He raised the glass and looked up at the moon, as she had just now.

“The moonlight tonight is just right.

It seems like its very suitable to raise a toast to the moon and invite the moon to join us.”

Yun Xi shot a look at the glass that was still steaming hot, not understanding his intentions.

She did not reach out to take it.

She did not move and he did not retract his hand either.

They remained in a stalemate until he lowered his head and looked at her cold face.

“Take it! Are you afraid that Ill poison you to death”

“I dont dare accept it because Im afraid of that!” She was indeed cold now.

Standing outside, the cold wind felt chilly.

However, she was not afraid of the cold.

She was afraid of receiving his kindness.

She accepted Mu Feichis gentleness towards her without a second thought.

In her eyes, he was as sweet as honey to her.

However, the gentleness of other men, even if they were honey, was like poison to her.

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