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This reminder immediately sparked Han Yaotians anger.

He raised his eyes and gave Yun Xi a look.

Clenching his fists tightly and gritting his teeth, he said, “I wont give him a chance to enter the Han family!”

“Control your temper.

Were going to eavesdrop on what they have to say, not to catch the adulterers.

Youd better not ruin things.

If they discover us, youll be at a disadvantage!”

“I understand!” Han Yaotian took a deep breath and quickly suppressed the raging fire in his chest.

A little impatience would spoil great plans.

He would not mess up his escape route at this time by acting rashly.

“Lets go! Be quiet!” Yun Xi looked around and then turned around to bring Han Yaotian toward the flowerbed.

The limestone path from the main banquet hall led to the flowerbed.

Because the flowerbed was located in the center of the entire area, many forked roads led to it.

Yun Xi swept her eyes over the red ribbons hanging from the pine trees on both sides of the path, knowing that these were the markers that Xiaoliu and the others left behind.

She followed them to the storage building next to the flowerbed.

Following the drain at the back of the storage building, the two of them treaded lightly toward its main entrance.

Just as they got closer, they heard soft voices coming from the main entrance.

Yun Xi pulled Han Yaotian along, taking advantage of the dim light from the streetlights to hide behind the plants at the back of the storage building.

She lowered her body and positioned herself behind the wall, listening to the voices coming from the front.

“I knew you wouldnt believe my identity, so I brought a copy of the old mans will with me! Look, he is leaving the Han family and Han Corporation to me.

If I wasnt his son, why would he give me these things Im the next successor of the Han family, and Han Yaotian is just my stepping stone! If youre with him, what can he help you with”

Under the dim yellow light, Qiao Ximin looked at the copy of the will he had handed over.

It contained the stamp of the most famous law firm she had visited previously, as well as Han Hongbins signature.

She could confirm that it was genuine!

She had never expected that Han Hongbin would have an illegitimate son.

This illegitimate son of his had never shown his face but would stand to inherit all the Han familys assets!

If Han Hongbin valued him so highly that he did not expose his identity, it could only mean that he was the successor of the Han family that he had set his eyes on.

Han Yaotian was just a stepping stone for him to inherit everything.

What if she married Han Yaotian and ended up with nothing How was she going to take over the Qiao family

When she saw the will, Qiao Ximins heart sank.

“I know that you want to inherit the Qiao family.

That idiot, Qiao Xinli, doesnt deserve to have everything from the Qiao family.

You are the legitimate eldest daughter of the Qiao family, and he is just an illegitimate child.

But do you think Han Yaotian, who will have nothing in the future, can help you seize the Qiao family”

Han Ming paused to let his words sink in.

In the dim light, he could see the look of hesitation on her face.

He continued to persuade her.

“Moreover, according to what I know, he has long cooperated with that damned girl, Yun Xi.

If you want him to help you deal with Yun Xi, thats impossible! He has his sights set on Yun Xis backer, Mu Feichi, the Young Commander Mu.

If he wants to obtain the Young Commanders and the Mu familys support, he definitely wont ruin his stage for you and offend that great Buddha.”

Upon hearing his words, Qiao Ximin clenched her fists tightly, unable to breathe.

She had never thought that Han Yaotian would be standing on the side of that little sl*t, Yun Xi.

If that was the case, then didnt that mean that everything he had said to her before was all flowery words just to gain her trust

Why was she so foolish to believe his words and trust that he would help her seize the Qiao family and avenge her

She was indeed too naïve!

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