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She had already walked through hell, so why would she be afraid

The manager rushed over when he received the news.

When he saw the messy situation at the booth and then looked at Liang Xinyi, who had collapsed on the coffee table, he gasped.

“Miss Yun, Im really sorry.

I-Ill get someone to clear the place immediately!”

No one at Golden Palace could afford to offend this esteemed guest!

The manager trembled as he came back to his senses.

With a wave of his hand, the service staff and the security guards on the second floor quickly ran over to clean up the mess.

“How do you intend to deal with this woman” Even though he had not been present, the manager could appraise the situation.

“Theres no need to punish her.

Since she likes working here, let her continue working here!”

She had chosen this dirty and humiliating path herself.

Seeing her struggle so desperately, she would naturally fulfill her choice.

Otherwise, how could she live up to the torture and schemes she had suffered under Liang Xinyis hands in her two lifetimes

Liang Xinyi already had the intention of breaking the pot and going all out.

Today, she would either hit Yun Xi or lose her job.

However, she never expected that she would continue to suffer at the Golden Palace.

This kind of humiliating torture instantly struck a nerve.

The manager glanced at the security guard and waved his hand.

“Take her away!”

The security guard quickly lifted the hysterical Liang Xinyi off the coffee table and dragged her away from the second floor.

Soon after, the second floor returned to normal.

The manager apologized to Yun Xi and Su Ximan with a smile and asked if she would like to return to her booth after they tidied up.

Yun Xi shook her head.

Her objective for coming here today had already been achieved.

Moreover, with Qi Yichen sitting opposite her like the plague, she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

She turned to look at Su Ximan.

“Ill leave first, you—”

“Ill send you back! Im full anyway!” As Su Ximan stood up, she nodded at the manager, and the two walked out of the second floor.

“Theres no need to trouble you.

You should go back earlier too.

Xiaoers car is outside.

I can just take his car back.”

Su Ximan knew that Yun Xi had her own bodyguard, so she did not insist on sending her back.

She nodded and watched her get into the car before turning her head slightly to glance at the man standing beside her, who did not follow nor stop her.

“Didnt you want to repay the favor You were the person closest to Liang Xinyi when she made her move just now.

Why didnt you stop her”

Qi Yichen put his hands in his pockets and stared at the departing car with his sharp eyes.

He could still feel the chill from hell from the girls murderous look.

“With her skills just now, do you think I still need to help her If I had helped her, that girl would definitely have tricked me.

If she uses this incident to offset her life-saving kindness, wouldnt I be losing out”

“Shes the one whos going to suffer a huge loss, okay A life-saving favor can be exchanged for just beating up Liang Xinyi.

Youre the one who earned it! From what I know, Young Master Qi isnt someone who would do a losing business!”

Everyone knew that it was easy to repay anything except debts of gratitude!

This Second Young Master Qi, insisted on holding on to a life-saving favor from Yun Xi and refused to return it.

His hidden intention was really interesting!

Qi Yichen glanced at Su Ximan.

This woman knew what he was thinking, yet she still wanted to test him.

She was not as cute as that girl at all!

“Do I look like someone who would take advantage of others”

“…” Su Ximan glanced at him silently and did not say another word.

Even she could understand his intentions, so how could that girl, Yun Xi, not understand He purposely did not return the favor to Yun Xi.

Wasnt it just so that he would have a reason to continue pestering her

If it were anyone else, Qi Yichen would have been fine.

However, his opponent this time was Young Commander Mu, who was also an exemplary person.

There was still a difference between people.

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