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Since Yun Xi had invited him to watch the show, she did not want to hide the background story of this show from him either, and she roughly told him the details.

Chen Yichen did not seem surprised to hear this.

His handsome face did not have much of an expression.

Instead, when he heard her talk about these things, his patient expression looked warm under the sunlight that shone in through the window.

He knew a few things about Lin Shuhua.

For example, Lin Shuhuas identity and her connection with next doors Old Wang.

Initially, he was also worried that such a scheming woman would bully Yun Xi and make her life difficult if she married into the Yun family and became her stepmother.

With some bargaining chips in hand, Lin Shuhua wouldnt dare go overboard with her.

However, it seemed like he was overthinking things.

Yun Xi knew this better than anyone else and did not need his help.

“If this matter blows up, it will be detrimental to Yun Yuanfengs future.

At that time, Im afraid that he will trouble you to beg others for help.

What is your purpose in doing this”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, chuckling lightly.

She held the cup of milk tea that was still steaming.

Behind the steam, a light and calm smile decorated her exquisite face.

“Did you read the news this morning” She thought for a while and added, “Im referring to the headlines.”

“Xiao Jinglin came back to the country to invest and search for his daughter Its big news.

Its impossible for us businessmen not to pay attention to it.

His reappearance will undoubtedly affect the distinguished families.

Whether its me or the distinguished families, I believe they must be discussing how to deal with it.

I didnt expect it to come so suddenly.

The morning meeting just ended and we were talking about this matter.”

“You dont have to worry about that.

Although Mr.

Xiao said that he would return to the country to invest, he didnt specify the exact time.

You still have enough time to strengthen yourself.

You dont have to be too nervous.

Even if its a business competition, the Xiao and Chen families will only cooperate and help each other.

They wont be competitors.

I have high hopes for you!”

Chen Yichen was surprised to hear her affirmation.

“Why Do you have any insider news from Mr.


“Its not insider news.

Im his daughter.

You know about this, but others dont.

Its just that when it comes to announcing my identity, I feel bad that Mr.

Xiao has to suffer some grievances because of me.

Im used to living in the country, and Mu Feichi is also here.

I havent thought about whether I want to go to Country M with him.

After all, Mu Feichi is a soldier.

So, Mr.

Xiao has thought about shifting part of his work back to the country.

If a big family like the Xiao family returns to invest, it will definitely cause a huge commotion.”

“I understand.

However, if we reveal your identity now, Im afraid your safety will not be guaranteed.

Dont forget, we havent caught Crocodile yet!”

It might be necessary for her to reveal her identity, but Chen Yichen could not treat it as a small matter.

If Xiao Jinglin was just an ordinary person, it would be fine.

However, with his status and the fact that this girl is with Young Commander Mu, when she becomes openly known as the daughter of the Xiao family, the attention she would receive would reach an unprecedented height.

While making everyone envious, it would also become the target of more peoples threats.

He probably already guessed her intentions for the wedding.

“Once something happens to Yun Yuanfeng, he will definitely ask you to seek help from the Young Commander.

If he knows that you are Mr.

Xiaos daughter, he will not let go of this opportunity and will make good use of it.

You want to use this opportunity to leave the Yun family, right”

Yun Xi nodded slightly.

“This is indeed a good opportunity.”

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