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“But Yun Yuanfeng insisted on getting the marriage certificate on the day of the wedding.

I really dont know what hes thinking.

Im also worried that something bad will happen if we drag it.

Ill think of a way to tell him to bring the wedding date forward.

As long as we get the marriage certificate…”

Yun Xi didnt listen carefully to what was said after that.

She removed the headset and handed it back to Xiaosi.

The few minutes of conversation also confirmed her suspicions.

The child in Lin Shuhuas stomach was indeed not Yun Yuanfengs!

This adulterous couple were in cahoots with each other.

They had probably already predicted Yun Yuanfengs obsession with having a son.

They actually dared to use their child to exchange for wealth and prosperity, allowing them to rise to the top.

When other people bribed their superiors, they would directly send money, cards, and cars to their women.

But when it came to Yun Yuanfeng, it was surprisingly absurd and funny.

He could be bought over by a woman who was pregnant with a boy!

“Have you investigated the details of this man”

Xiaosi nodded.

Xiaoer, who was in the drivers seat, took out a folder from the glove compartment and passed it to the back.

“This man also has a family.

His wife is quite a formidable character.”

“Oh I thought Lin Shuhua was his wife! Turns out shes a mistress!”

Yun Xi released a light sneer.

She flipped open the document in her hands and swept her eyes over it.

It turned out that this next doors Old Wang, Wang Qingpeng, was actually a male phoenix, someone who had grown up in the countryside and worked his way up in the city.

He was a country boy who was smitten by a young lady from a wealthy family in Jingdu.

The two of them had been married for many years and had a son.

The woman was five years older than the man.

She grew up in a big family and was straightforward and generous.

Naturally, she was not as charming or did not have as many tricks up her sleeves as Lin Shuhua.

In the eyes of others, Wang Qingpeng had practically married into his wifes family, especially since his wifes familys fishery business had been growing in recent years.

After so many years, Wang Qingpeng was only a section chief, but his enviable life made him, a phoenix man who had a heart higher than the heavens, feel extremely inferior and twisted.

It was said that men turned bad once they had money.

These words still rang true for some people, because Wang Qingpeng had learned how to have a mistress outside.

After putting away the documents, Yun Xi already had a plan in her heart.

“This kind of despicable, dark-hearted man who cant control his lower body is a jackal of the same pack as Lin Shuhua.”

“Miss Yun, since the child isnt Yun Yuanfengs, you dont have to prepare for the wedding if you send him this recording, right”

Xiaosi did not know what she was thinking and asked if she wanted to copy the recording.

“Theres no need to do anything.

Even if I give it to my father, he might not believe me.”

Xiaosi looked at her in confusion.

The recording mentioned Yun Yuanfeng and the child.

This was already the best evidence.

It wasnt them who faked it.

Why wouldnt they believe it

Yun Xi gave him a look, saying with a light laugh, “You dont understand.

He has wanted a son for almost twenty years, and this desire has already demonized and consumed him.

Even if he is semi-convinced, he would be willing to play dumb for this son, whom he thinks he fathered with great difficulty.

After all, now that he has reached this position, he will care more and more about his reputation.

Even if young ladies were willing to bear a son for him as the director, he had to do the right thing.

Now that the invitation has been sent out, everyone knows that he is going to have a second marriage.

If he has another third marriage, I fear that his lifestyle problems will be remembered by others.”

This was an act of self-restraint by the court and his position, or else how could he be a role model

For his future, Yun Yuanfeng would no longer bet on his reputation.

“Then… what about this recording”

“Keep it.

When this matter is exposed, send it to the wife of Old Wang next door.”

At the thought of this, she had already considered this matter over and over again in her heart.

This time, she would use this child and this wedding to sever their father-daughter relationship.

“Inform the hospital.

Once Lin Shuhua goes for a pregnancy checkup, get me the DNA report.”

“Okay, the hospital has already made arrangements.

It wont affect anything.”

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