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Chapter 175: If They Want to Dig Their Own Graves, I Would Be Happy to Oblige

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Seeing his bosss facial expression change, the leader of the men in black kicked the gangster heavily.

“Are you out of your mind The girl is asking you a question!”

Only then did the gangster realize that this girl seemed to have connections with Boss Feng, so he dared not hide the information any longer.

“I will spill it! I will spill it! Yes, the eldest lady of the Han family paid us to kidnap this girl…”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes, and a cold look gleamed in her eyes.

The eldest lady of the Han family…he must mean Han Wan.

There was no one else.

With a sneer, she stood up and looked down at the gangster condescendingly, then asked, “Han Wanling”

“Yes, yes…it was her.

She gave us your address in the villa complex and told us to follow you…”

Yun Xi was amused by their brazenness.

“Dont you know what sort of place the villa complex is You had the balls to wait outside”

“No, no! We waited for you on the highway.

We didnt dare to get too close…”

“Then how did you know I would be in that car today”

The guards and security guards at the villa complex were all Mu Feichis subordinates.

They were all well-trained bodyguards, and they could have easily spotted trouble.

It was normal for them to not want to get too close, but there werent many people who knew that she had gone out with her second aunt today.

“I, we…bribed your third sister.

We gave her 10,000 yuan! We instructed her to report your whereabouts to us.”

“You mean Yun Chuhan…”

Very well! Yun Xi hadnt wanted to involve her before, but now she was the one who was trying to mess with her!

The gangster nodded desperately.

“Little girl, we were just following orders to survive.

Thats our job.

We really didnt mean to offend you…”

“I can let you go, but do you know how to deal with Han Wanling”

“Huh” The gangster looked dumbfounded.

“After you return, just say that you encountered Boss Feng and couldnt kidnap the girl.

Dont let her know that you spilled the beans.

Do you understand”

“Understood! I understand!”

Yun Xi glared at him, then raised her eyes to look at Feng Yang, who hadnt spoken.

“Let them go.

Let them go back to finish their work.”

Feng Yang frowned slightly.

He obviously hadnt intended to let them go so easily.

The leading man in black glanced at his boss.

“Youre really letting them go Arent you afraid that they will kidnap you again”

“If they want to dig their own graves, I would be happy to oblige!”

Yun Xi cocked her head and looked at the gangster in charge with anticipation as she smiled mischievously like a little demon.

As the gangster looked at her bright smiling face, which appeared childish, he felt like he had survived a great ordeal.

He shivered and promised, “No…no! We wouldnt dare to do anything to this girl ever again.

I promise! I swear!”

The fact that they couldnt beat her was one thing.

Offending Boss Feng was a completely and much more serious thing!

“Youre kind!” The leading man in black saw the expression in his bosss eyes, so he waved to his subordinates to let the gangsters go.

“Get out!” Yun Xi looked at them impatiently.

“Thank you, little girl, thank you, Boss Feng…” The gangsters spewed their thanks as they ran away.

Feng Yang flicked the cigarette butt in his hand away.

His cold eyes fell on Yun Xi.

“How did you offend the Han family Do you need my help”

“No.” Yun Xi took the bag of clothes the man in black had handed back to her.

“I can handle it myself.

This is my business.

Dont interfere.”

“Why Youre afraid that I cant afford to offend the Han family”

Yun Xi coughed a little awkwardly when she saw him frowning slightly.


Youre not allowed to intervene for two reasons.

One, grudges and debts all have their reasons.

Second, I dont like to owe people favors.”

Gazing at her stubborn face, Feng Yang simply stared at her silently for a moment, and his thin lips curled slightly.

She was unwilling, so he didnt force the issue.

He got into his car.

“Get in the car, I will take you back.”

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