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Chapter 174: Offended Someone They Shouldnt Have Offended

Yun Xi didnt hold back.

Clenching her fist, she jammed it into an acu-point on the mans arm.

The mans arm went numb, and he took a step back.

Yun Xi lifted her foot sideways and kicked hard at him.

Then she mercilessly beat up all the rest of the people who were rushing toward her.

These men had definitely not expected her to know how to punch and kick like this, so theyd missed their chance by underestimating her.

Yun Xi was petite and fast and able to agilely swerve around these men.

She beat them up by taking advantage of their attacking positions.

She was much more agile, quick, and ruthless than they were.

These rookies were far less skilled than Mu Feichis people.

They were gangsters at best.

They had no technique or speed.

After a few minutes of this fighting, Yun Xi coldly watched the figures lying on the ground crying pathetically.

Some of them had been quite badly beaten up by her.

She clapped her hands, but, before shed had time to speak, she looked up and saw a few other black figures coming from the alley.

From their outfits, she could tell that they obviously werent of the same caliber as these people.

She couldnt help but tense up and step back.

“Little girl, youre quite the fighter!”

The leading man in black gazed at her, then at the seven or eight people on the ground, and there was a cold smile on his handsome face.

“Who are you You dont belong with them, right”

Yun Xi violently kicked the man next to her who was about to get up and, at the same time, looked at the man in black without changing her expression.

“How could we be in the same group as these gangsters”

The leading man in black waved his hand, and the four men behind him quickly took out handcuffs and ropes, and handcuffed all the people on the ground.

“Youre police You dont look like police…”

Her instinct told her that there was a sinister aura to these guys.

They didnt appear as upright as the police.

“Policemen are not the only ones with handcuffs.” The man in black looked up and answered her.

He was polite to her and turned sideways to make a gesture.

“Girl, you just hit our bosss car, and our boss is waiting for you outside.”

“Huh” Yun Xi suddenly remembered hitting the car and, rubbing her still-aching waist, she raised her eyes to look toward the entrance of the alley.

At the entrance to the alley, a figure leaned against a car with his back against the light.

With a cigarette in his mouth, he was answering the phone with one hand, while patting the dust off his knees with the other hand.

He was also in a black outfit, but he had a formidable aura that was different from the others.

As she got closer, she saw that the man in front of her…wasnt he the same person shed met on the bus the other day

She looked at him and then at the man in black behind her whod brought some of the prisoners with him.

Feng Yang hung up the phone, and his piercing eyes looked Yun Xi up and down.

This little girl was really quite the fighter.

Shed beat up eight men single-handedly and had emerged safe and sound.

He was truly impressed.

Feng Yang glanced at all the gangsters whod been thrown on the ground, then raised his eyes to look at her and asked faintly, “Are you all right”

His mellow voice sounded cold.

Yun Xi shook her head, and then turned around and raised her foot to kick the leader of the gangsters.

“Spill it, who asked you to kidnap me”

The gangster raised his head, trembling, but when he saw Feng Yang, he gasped and nearly fainted.

“I, we didnt want to kidnap you, we were just messing around with you…”

“Oh Really” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and knelt down with her arms crossed.

“Okay, then, if I accidentally trample on your second child, can I also say I was just messing around”

The gangsters face paled, and he touched the area where shed hit him with a panicked expression on his face.

“Are you or are you not going to tell me” Yun Xi gave him another unceremonious kick.

Probably because there were rules for shady underground organizations, the leading gangster gritted his teeth and remained silent as he weighed his options.

Now, the focus wasnt on this little girl, but that theyd offended someone they shouldnt have offended!

“Feng, Feng Boss, we received some business and acted on orders.

No, I didnt want to offend you.

I didnt even think about causing trouble in your territory…please let us go!”

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