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Chapter 173: Being Stalked

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After leaving the villa complex, Yun Xi was sitting in the passenger seat chatting with her second aunt about her second uncles illness.

At the same time, she was also keeping an eye on the rearview mirror.

Ever since shed left the villa complex, shed noticed a white van tailing them.

Her fear of being kidnapped left over from her previous lifes experiences and a sense of danger alarmed her immediately, but she wasnt sure whether they were targeting her or her second aunt.

She had just returned to Jingdu, and she had only offended Jiang Henglin, and even that barely counted as an offense.

Even if Jiang Henglin was truly vindicative, he wouldnt do such a thing.

So who could it be

Knowing that someone was following her, she grew wary and asked her second aunt to go to the factory first.

Her second aunts factory was beyond the inner city, and the car stopped at the gate of the factory.

After entering the factory door, Yun Xi glanced at the white van parked outside and saw that it had parked in a hidden spot.

Her second aunt had notified medical experts and the person in charge of the factory to come meet them, and Yun Xi had written the formula and production method of the medicine down for the person in charge.

Because it was a new drug, no one had had the courage to test it out.

Yun Xi made an appointment to see them when they had the finished product.

They had to start their clinical research and prepare a case to be submitted to the Drug Administration for approval.

Western medicine was quite different from Chinese medicine.

Some of Chinese medical formulas contained the wisdom of their ancestors, while some were even passed down in families from generation to generation and never became public.

Traditional Chinese medicine depended on word of mouth.

Western medicine was different.

Most Western medicines had to be strictly reviewed and approved before they could be released.

“Second Aunt, you can stay in the factory for the medicine.

Just ask the driver to drive me back into the city.

I will go home directly after I buy some clothes, so you dont have to take me.”

Upon seeing that she was so independent, Yao Ying thought about it for a while.

Fearing that the pharmacy could make a mistake with the medicine, she decided to stay to supervise and ordered the driver to take Yun Xi.

After she came out of the factory and the car drove onto the highway, Yun Xi glanced at the car that was following behind them.

Before getting in the car, shed deliberately walked to the side of the road.

She made sure that they could see that she was the only one whod gotten in the car, so it was obvious that she was their target.

There were many people in the downtown area, so Yun Xi asked the driver to drop her off at the door of a commercial building and went in nonchalantly.

After determining the number of people stalking her, she bought a few clothes, then walked out of the building and into an alley.

The right side of the commercial building had been developed into a street food market, while the left side was a residential area being demolished and had alleys extending in all directions.

Carrying paper bags, Yun Xi sped up and picked up her pace.

Soon she heard rapid footsteps coming from behind her.

She couldnt help but start to run and lead them deeper into the alleys on the left.

“Stop!” Upon seeing that they had been exposed, the people behind didnt bother hiding anymore.

Seven to eight people started running toward her.

Yun Xi ran fast.

When she looked back at the people chasing behind her, she didnt notice the car parked on the side of an alley.

When she ran into the alley, she bumped into the car.

After stepping back, she glanced back at the people about to catch up to her and quickly ran into the alley.

She didnt see that in the back seat of the car, the man who had been resting with his eyes closed had awakened.

When he opened his eyes, he saw her flustered expression, and astonishment flashed through his eyes.

“Stop!” Seven or eight men chased behind her.

Feng Yang stared at the figures running into the alley through the car window, then pulled out his phone and pressed some numbers.

“Go into the alley.

Let me get a good look at who has dared to cause trouble in my territory! Nobody touch that girl!”

The people on the other end of the phone agreed, and soon four to five people popped out of cars parked around the area.

They were dressed all in black from head to toe, and they had an intimidating aura.

Standing in the alley, Yun Xi stopped, then turned around and coldly stared at the figures catching up from behind.

Fortunately, she was dressed casually today, so dealing with these rascals would be a piece of cake.

“Go!” Seeing her stop, the man in charge waved his hand.

Several men behind him rushed toward Yun Xi.

They probably saw her as a fragile girl and boldly reached out to grab her.

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