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Chapter 172: The Persuasiveness of a Doctor

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Grandfather happened to come in from the courtyard at that moment and coincidentally saw Liang Xiuqin reaching out to hit Second Aunt.

He threw the small hoe in his hand to the floor with a bang.

“Whats all this ruckus Do any of you even take me seriously This is my home, so you can all get out if any of you cause any more trouble!”

Ever since Yun Xi had returned, Liang Xiuqin had caused trouble quite a few times, and the old man had suffered humiliation

In addition, it was the second aunt who had been hit, and the old man had always been protective of his second son, so this was especially exasperating for him.

After being yelled at, Liang Xiuqin felt her face grow hot with embarrassment.

She shot Yun Xi a vicious glare, turned around, and went back into the dining room with an indignant snort.

“Cough, cough, cough…” The second uncle coughed profusely when he got angry.

“Second uncle, would you like to try my medicine”

As soon as Liang Xiuqin had left, her second aunt took the medicine and tentatively asked, “Yun Xi, I heard that you cured old Madame Chens disease”

Yun Xi nodded.

She hadnt told her family about this matter.

The Chen family had also kept it secret.

She didnt want her mother to shamelessly try to use her again.

“We just came back from the General Hospital of the Military Region yesterday, and we happened to hear that old Madame Chen was going to have an operation.

We were surprised to hear that you had actually cured her with Chinese medical therapy.

The head of the hospital scolded all the doctors.”

Yun Xi was astonished by this, since she hadnt expected there to be more to the story.

“I didnt say anything before because your mother was here and she wouldve tried to take advantage of you again.

There are no ends to her shamelessness.

I have never seen anyone so thick-skinned, as if she doesnt know shame!”

“All right, thats enough.

Since its Yun Xis medicine, I will try it.”

Her second uncle took the medicine bottle and popped two pills into his mouth.

“Second Aunt, Second Uncles disease isnt exactly incurable.

If you believe in me, I can try…”

Before, when she had just returned from the countryside, nothing she did had had any credibility.

But since now her second aunt knew that she had already cured old Madame Chen, if she believed in her, maybe she would give it a try.

It was better than taking Western medicine all the time.

When Yao Ying heard this, her eyes lit up.

Whenever there was hope, they all clung to the possibility of getting rid of the pain and suffering.

“Can he really be cured He has been taking Western medicine for many years, and it can only suppress the disease, so he continues to have symptoms like this again and again.

He got seriously ill a few years ago, and hes been like this ever since.

Chinese doctors say that his qi is off balance, but no supplement seems to remedy it.

Western doctors say he has a poor immune system and low blood pressure…”

Having been ill for such a long time, his only hope now was to stay alive.

“Chinese doctors say that my second uncles qi is off balance, but there are actually many types of qi deficiency.

The five internal organs, qi, blood, yin and yang, must be healthy in order for the doctor to observe his pulse.

I think that second uncle starts coughing as soon as autumn arrives.

Yin deficiency manifests itself in dry coughs, little sputum or blood streaks in the sputum, and an itchy throat.

My medicine can only temporarily suppress his dry cough symptoms.

To cure it, it will take time to nurse him back to health.”

“How do we nurse him back to health We have Chinese herbal medicines in our medical factory, so I can find the best ingredients for you.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“All right then.

Ill take my second uncles pulse after we eat, and later Im going out to buy some autumn clothes.

Second Aunt, you can accompany me, so we can stop by the factory to grab the medicine along the way.”

“Okay!” The second aunt agreed.

The second uncle had no appetite for breakfast because of the pills in his mouth.

Yun Xi and Yao Ying were about to head out after theyd finished breakfast, and the second uncle looked up from the chessboard.

“Yun Xi, your medicine is really effective.

My throat feels refreshed.

It doesnt itch anymore, and Im coughing less.

After taking cough medicine for so many years, your medicine is more effective than all those cough medicines.”

Yao Ying was also a little surprised.

After observing him carefully, her husband seemed to cough much less frequently now.

He indeed seemed much better than he had been when they first came.

Yao Ying couldnt hide the surprise on her face.

“I didnt expect you to be so impressive, and your medicine to be so effective.

We can develop it further in our factory.”

Yun Xi smiled, and she squinted her eyes slyly like a little fox.

“Second Aunt, I will have to charge copyright fees.”

“That wont be a problem.”

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