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There is a saying that those who find silver coins in their dumplings will have good luck for the year.

As Yun Xi bit into another silver coin in her dumpling, she was unsure if it was her luck or that the others had been cheating by putting more silver coin dumplings on her plate than the rest.

Toward the end of the meal, she had purposefully used her chopsticks to test the dumplings.

Once she felt something inside, she immediately sent them toward Mu Feichis bowl.

Yun Xi played her ploy off with a bright smile as she handed Mu Feichi another suspicious dumpling.

“Better eat more since youre eating your reunion dinner with us.

If not, Commander Mu might scold us for not letting you eat well!”

“I will!” Mu Feichi smiled lightly.

Reunion dinners with the Mu family and the reunion dinner here had different meanings, and Mu Feichi was glad to be here.

However, the good moment did not last.

A sudden phone call in the middle of their meal had completely halted the scene of harmony and warmth at the table.

Mu Feichi eyed the notification from his cellphone hesitantly.

It took him a few moments of deliberation before he picked up the call.

“What is it” If it wasnt an emergency, Yi Qianmo was not the type of person to suddenly call in the middle of the festive season.

“Its an emergency.” Yi Qianmo paused, as if bracing himself for a reprimand from Mu Feichi.

“There was an explosion at the Jingdu Grand Hotel.

The explosion occurred at the banquet hall, where many guests were having their reunion dinner.

There were many casualties, and many were not saved in time.

Im rushing over now with Li Zilan and Jin Lei.

The paramedics are on the move too.

We just got word about the hotels lockdown.

Im afraid this might cause the public to be paranoid.”

“Got it.

Im on my way.” Yi Qianmo may have mentioned it subtly, but Mu Feichi was aware that he was also concerned that it was the work of the same criminal as the previous time.

If that was the case, Yun Xi would definitely blame herself for the incident.

After hanging up the call, Mu Feichi stood up from his seat and gave everyone an apologetic look.

His face was especially apologetic and regretful as he regarded Yun Xi, “My apologies.

An emergency has come up.

I must take my leave.”

“What happened” Yun Xi had sensed something was amiss from Mu Feichis expression when he picked up the call.

There was growing anxiety in Yun Xis heart as soon as Mu Feichi stood up.

It was New Years Eve, and he was the Young Commander of Jun Country.

If there was no emergency, no one would be making any calls to disrupt his celebrations.

“Its nothing major.

Ill check on it and return! Please continue without me!”

Mu Feichi looked down and gave Yun Xis hair a gentle ruffle.

The man exchanged a nod with Xiao Jinglin and took off as quickly as he could in fear that Yun Xi would ask more questions or even ask to follow him.

“Wait, Im coming with you!”

Xiao Jinglins hand reached out and pulled Yun Xi down as she stood up as well.

“Hey, hes the Young Commander of Jun Country.

He has his responsibilities to attend to, so dont make more trouble for him.

He can tell you what happened when he gets back.”

“But…” Yun Xi could not tear her eyes away from the man who left in a rush without any explanation.

She bit her lower lip and returned to her seat.

The atmosphere at the table suddenly changed.

Xiao Jinglin sighed softly as he patted Yun Xis shoulders.

“Him being who he is, he would inevitably hurt you sometime in the future.

Do you regret choosing him” he asked with a soft voice.

It took Yun Xi a moment to understand the subtle message in Xiao Jinglins words.

Her eyes met his with determination, and she shook her head.

“You might think Im young, so I dont know much, but I still have my beliefs and values.

I have never liked anyone as much as I like him.

Even if it means following him to hell or that it may end badly, I will never regret my choice.”

Yun Xi was still worried that Xiao Jinglin would worry about her welfare and about whether Mu Feichi would treat her right, so she gave him a confident smile.

“He is very good to me.

He has never shied away from giving me what I wanted since I returned to Jingdu, and he looks out for me constantly,” she assured Xiao Jinglin.

“Like just now too.

He chose the option that would make me worry less.

You know him as well as I do.

Someone like him is worthy of being your son-in-law, no”

“Yes, he is excellent, but his occupation…”

“I like men like him.

I like Mu Feichis guts and his bravado as a soldier.

Nothing else is that important to me.”

Xiao Jinglin could only sigh slightly and bury the worry in his heart with silence.

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