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Yun Xi had already laid out all the pros and cons for her father.

So, there was nothing for her to do if he insisted on holding a wedding ceremony.

Yun Yuanfeng understood where Yun Xi was coming from.

Since he had a reputation to uphold at his workplace, it wasnt like he hadnt thought about this problem previously.

However, he thought about how this would be Lin Shuhuas first marriage.

He also considered how she was painstakingly carrying his unborn son.

He would be such a coward if he couldnt tolerate a little gossip.

He felt that a bit of mockery was nothing, as long as it wouldnt affect his future at the workplace.

Once happily married with a son, it doesnt matter what the others say or think of him.

“Oh! I met Su Ximan a few days ago.

She told me that her uncle had divorced my aunt Chen Lixue, and they had chased her and her two daughters out of the Su family.

Have you heard anything about it”

“Didnt Chen Lixue divorce your uncle long ago Why do you still care about them”

As he was worried that a misunderstanding would arise, Yun Yuanfeng did not dare reveal his connections to Chen Lixue in front of Lin Shuhua.

“I dont know why Miss Su brought it up.

She vaguely said it was because of you, but I couldnt hear her clearly.

She left without explaining, so I thought you had offended the Su family!”

“How… how could I have offended the Su family We dont even interact with them, let alone offend them!”

Upon hearing about Chen Lixue, Yun Yuanfeng suddenly thought about his relationship with her.

Although only a few people knew about the hot spring villa incident, one could still find out what happened if they wanted to.

Suppose Chen Lixue was kicked out of the Su family because of him.

If someone wanted to use this information to criticize him, they could easily dig up his past and have a field day with it.

“As long as there isnt any misunderstanding, its all good.

I was worried about that.

If there were any problems, I could help to explain since I know Miss Su personally.”

“Of course, there isnt any misunderstanding!” Although Yun Xi knew what happened between him and Chen Lixue, it was all in the past.

However, he felt a little uneasy after hearing that Su Ximan brought him up for no reason when talking about Chen Lixues divorce.

He found it really nerve-racking because he couldnt figure out what had gone wrong.

Yun Xi had already said what she wanted.

So now, the final decision will be in Yun Yuanfengs hands.

“Since you already have an idea in mind, then there is nothing else I can say.

I am going up to look for Grandpa, and I will leave all of you to talk!”

Before going up the stairs, Yun Xi nodded at her second uncle and aunt.

They hadnt spoken a word throughout the conversation.

Yun Chuhan immediately stood up when she saw Yun Xi walking out of the living room.

“Sister, I will go up with you!”

As she walked up the stairs, Yun Xi could feel a cold stare on her.

She was also surprised that this woman was just a mistress and yet so ambitious!

Yun Chuhan ran up the stairs to chase after Yun Xi.

Running past her, Yun Chuhan stopped in front of Yun Xi and blocked her way.

“Sister, you saw Fathers attitude toward her, right Dont you think she isnt a simple woman”

Yun Xi looked at Yun Chuhan, who appeared to be having a crisis.

She nodded her head in agreement.

“Indeed, she is not that simple.

The tricks up her sleeves are slightly better than our mothers since she could make our father listen to her wholeheartedly.”

“Our father has always wanted a son, and I heard that she is pregnant with a boy.

Once the child is born, you will probably lose your standing in the Yun family! Arent you worried at all”

“Why should I be worried I am still the Young Miss of the Yun family, even if he has a son.

There isnt any conflict between these two matters!”

“But I can tell you that it wont be easy to deal with this woman.

Before you could even inherit the Yun family, she would snatch everything away from you for her son! She wouldnt just sit around and wait for you to take over the family.”

There will always be this fatal sense of crisis between women, and these feelings are usually mutually felt.

This was the first time Yun Chuhan felt the pressure and threat from a stepmother.

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