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Yun Xi could feel that something was off as her abdomen felt as if it was hurling up and down like a violent wave.

She was too afraid to move on the way to Mount Tianyu from the airport and pretended to have fallen asleep on Mu Feichis shoulder.

She did not expect that she would actually fall asleep.

When the car stopped in front of the Mu Mansion, Mu Feichi finally woke her up.

Usually, he would just carry her back into the mansion, but since Xiao Jinglin was present, and Yun Xi had been warning him to restrain himself in front of her father, he had no choice but to wake her up instead.

As she found it embarrassing to mention her period in front of Xiao Jinglin, she decided to endure the pain.

The snow had just stopped falling in Mount Tianyu.

When she opened the door and the cold wind hit her face, she couldnt help but shudder.

The pain in her abdomen was getting more intense.

Just a few steps in, her world suddenly went blank and she fell face-first into the snow.

“Yun Xi!” both men yelled at the same time, and quickly helped her up.

When Mu Feichi realized that the lady in his arms had fainted, nervousness took over his brain.

He quickly carried her up and yelled toward the man that was still in the car, “Feng Rui! Get Su Hang here in a helicopter! Now!”

As Mu Feichi walked back into the mansion, Xiao Jinglin followed closely behind them worriedly.

“She was perfectly normal just a while ago! Whats going on”

Mu Feichi didnt reply to the fathers question.

He kicked the bedroom door open and gently put the lady down on the bed.

As the Young Commander went to turn on the heater, Xiao Jinglin covered his daughter with a blanket.

The room quickly turned warm as the two men stood by the bed, worried and anxious.

As Mu Feichi checked Yun Xis body temperature and realized it was lower than normal, and the fact that her face was extremely pale, he could guess what was going on.

He then raised his head and requested, “Uncle Jing, can you help me to go down and ask for a hot water bottle from the butler I believe she fainted because of the pain from her period.”

Xiao Jinglin nodded and quickly ran out of the bedroom.

Mu Feichi then reached his hand into the blanket and touched the lower part of Yun Xis belly to make sure he was right before taking off her jacket.

When Xiao Jinglin came back up with a hot water bottle, Mu Feichi put it against Yun Xis abdomen and began to help soothe the pain with a massage.

It didnt take long for Su Hang to arrive with a full set of medical equipment, worrying that something extremely bad had happened.

However, after doing a quick check, things turned awkward quickly.

“Shes fine.

Its just a normal period.

Give her some brown sugar drink when she wakes up later.”

Although Mu Feichi had already guessed it, he was still worried.

“But, she was never in so much pain before.

Whats wrong this time”

Su Hang looked at Mu Feichi and at Xiao Jinglin, who was equally worried.

After a long pause, he finally let out a cough and said, “Its the side effect of taking contraceptive pills.

She has also taken some anti-inflammatory drugs because of her injury, so…”

Xiao Jinglins expression turned sour the moment he heard that.

He didnt even hesitate to throw a punch at Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi didnt even dare to avoid the punch and took it head-on.

He stumbled a few steps back before standing straight again.

It made sense that the father was that worried and angry.

Mu Feichi shared the same feelings as well.

He would never have let Yun Xi take any contraceptive pills, but they had no choice due to the incident previously.

The punch just felt right.

“Look at this! What did you promise me again”

“That was an emergency.

Ill take responsibility for my actions, and I still plan to honor my promises.”

“Dont blame me if you cant!”

“I understand,” Mu Feichi nodded.

“Take good care of her.

Ill come again when she wakes up later.”

After seeing Xiao Jinglin off, Mu Feichi turned to glare at Su Hang angrily before slamming the door shut.

Su Hang stood outside the room, utterly speechless.

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