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Liang Xinyi had originally planned to make a grand entrance.

Even if they were seen as a joke for this engagement, she didnt want to lose her last bit of dignity.

However, she did not expect that her stupid teammate, Han Zhongteng, would not play by the rules.

Hed even stepped on her last shred of dignity.

The smile froze on her face.

She stood at the entrance of the banquet hall and looked coldly at Han Zhongteng who was walking toward her.

The whispers around her rang loudly in her ears, and she had to exert a lot of effort to control the anger in her chest.

She tugged on her skirt and pulled a perfect smile.

No matter how embarrassed she was, she could not make herself look too ugly.

Walking forward, Han Zhongteng stood in front of Liang Xinyi and blocked her view from the many guests in back of him.

He lowered his head and acted as if they were a couple, but the sinister smile on his face gave Liang Xinyi a bad feeling.

“Liang Xinyi, I suddenly realized that offending Yun Xi for you is too stupid of me.

Compared to how useful she could be to me now, you dont even have the status of being the Su familys young mistress.”

“You…what do you mean” Liang Xinyis face turned pale.

She asked with a stiff smile, “Are you going back on your word”

No matter how unwilling she was to proceed with this engagement, she had to temporarily placate Han Zhongteng in order to protect her mothers position in the Su family.

But, if he went back on his word at this time, not only would she be embarrassed, but the Su family would also take their anger out on her.

“Seeing Han Yaotian and Yun Xi chatting so happily, I regret it now.

Hasnt she always hated you Go and apologize to her.

If shes willing to forgive you, perhaps it can ease the conflict between us.”

“You want me to apologize to that wretched girl Why Im not going!”

Liang Xinyi looked at the man in front of her who was smiling, but had a sinister look in his eyes.

Her heart turned cold.

In order to obtain the power behind Yun Xi, Han Zhongteng, this devil, wanted to humiliate her in exchange for that damned girls forgiveness.

What right did he have What right did he have to allow others to trample on her like this

“Do you think you still have the right to negotiate with me If you dont go, the engagement party today will be canceled.

Then, the three of you will have no place in the Su family anymore.

Im afraid that even your mothers status as the Fourth Madame will become a thing of the past.

Try it if you dont believe me!”

The threat and ruthlessness in Han Zhongtengs words made Liang Xinyi shiver.

She knew very well that she did not have any bargaining chips left to strike a deal with him, but she could not bring herself to apologize to that b*tch, Yun Xi.

After deliberating for a moment, Liang Xinyi raised her head although she was trembling.

She loosened her grip on her skirt and tightened it.

In the end, she had no choice but to compromise with reality.

“You…you cant do this!”

She had been so unwilling to get engaged, but now she was begging him to get engaged.

How hateful of him.

She hated all these people who had trampled on her.

“Liang Xinyi, my patience is limited, so I wont give you too much time to consider.

Youd better not do something that youll regret.”

Han Zhongteng stood up straight and looked down at her, waiting for her to make a choice in this, her final struggle.

Taking a deep breath, Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth and raised her head, forcing back the hatred and tears in her eyes.

“Ill go with you.

What do you want me to do”

“You will have to ask her what you have to do to earn her forgiveness…”

Han Zhongteng sneered.

“If were talking about being stupid, youre really stupid.

Compared to sucking up to the high and mighty Miss Qi Siyu, isnt it easier for Yun Xi, your cousin, to become your stepping stone Look at her now.

Not only does she have the Young Commander as her backer, but she also has the support of two other wealthy families and two big noble families.

Its a pity that you stood on the wrong side and lost all the resources you had.

What did you get in the end”

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