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The lights at the Jingdu Grand Hotel were as bright as ever.

The banquet hall on the second floor was filling up with toasts and activity, and the hall outside was packed with bodyguards.

Yun Xi had just gotten away from a group of socialites and was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

When she finally took a sip of water to catch her breath, she saw Han Yaotian enter with his female secretary.

There were many people from the Han family at todays engagement banquet.

Almost every side branch had sent people over.

Han Yaotian was representing Han Hongbin in attending the banquet.

There had been no sighting of Han Zhongteng up until now.

Only his parents could be seen receiving guests in the living room.

Based on the Han couples characters, if they had not been satisfied with this marriage, they would not have showed up to help Han Zhongteng host the reception.

It seemed that the one-night stand between Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin had triggered quite a number of people, and some of the people who had been lying low had also become restless, this couple included.

Han Yaotian spotted Yun Xi by the window and led his female secretary over.

When he had received the news about Qiao Lixin earlier, he had realized that he did not dare treat Yun Xi as a young, naïve girl anymore.

Especially now that she had become the Young Commanders woman, she had his backing and resources at her fingertips.

It was not an exaggeration to say that she could do anything she wanted.

If she had had the intention to destroy the Han family, the Han family would probably have been like an abandoned stray dog by now.

It would not be like the last time, where she had only kicked the Han family out of the big four wealthiest families and did not do anything after that.

The girls thoughts were unfathomable, especially the proposal and cooperation plan she had suggested to him.

Her way of doing things was ruthless and merciless.

If she could really be of help to him, then he would have to take control of the Han family in the future so that they could return to their position as one of the big four wealthiest families.

“Did Miss Yun come alone today Is the Young Commander not here”

As soon as Han Yaotian arrived, he scanned his surroundings.

When he did not see Mu Feichi and the other leaders of the two noble families, he knew that todays engagement party would not attract much attention.

Yun Xi laughed lightly.

Her expression didnt change as she cast a sideways glance at Han Zhongteng who was walking in from the entrance.

With a few words, she answered, “The Young Commander is a busy man.

His whereabouts are not something I can control.”

Han Yaotian smiled awkwardly.

If the Young Commander didnt come, it was just what hed wanted.

The banquet had already started.

Not only did Han Zhongteng, the host, not come out to receive the guests, he even arrived late, making many of the guests who had come to watch the fun laugh.

When Han Zhongteng saw Yun Xi and Han Yaotian standing by the window, his face darkened, and a sense of danger immediately arose in him.

Other than the Young Commander, Yun Xi had a few other families behind her.

Even the Chen family and the Jiang family were on her side.

She was a special existence now.

All the forces wanted to pull her into their camp.

Even Han Yaotian was no exception.

Because of Liang Xinyi, he had offended this girl quite a bit.

But now, Liang Xinyi had embarrassed him, and their engagement was taking place just to rope in the Su family, who he had slim hopes of getting to his side.

Rather than that, he might as well start with Yun Xi.

Compared to Liang Xinyi, who had no power or influence, Yun Xi and the power behind her were more useful to him.

If Han Yaotian managed to win her support, it would mean that the Young Commander would stand by his side.

By that time, it would not be so easy for him to seize the Han familys inheritance.

If he had known this was going to happen, why had he offended this great Buddha for his beauty

Now that he was riding a tiger, it was hard to get off.

He was really asking for it.

After some thought, he turned around and asked his assistant to call Liang Xinyi out to receive the guests.

If he wanted to ease his relationship with Yun Xi, today would be the best opportunity.

Liang Xinyi had originally thought that Han Zhongteng would personally pick her up and bring her to the banquet hall, but she didnt expect that he would only get his assistant to invite her.

This was a huge slap in her face, making her appear alone at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Her face turned into a grimace.

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