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Even though Liang Xinyi was going to be married to someone from the Han family, Chen Lixue wasnt very excited about it.

If the Han family had still been part of the big four wealthiest families, then the mother wouldve jumped for joy.

However, now they were nothing more than a mediocre family to her.

Chen Lixue had even started to think that Han Zhongteng wasnt good enough for her daughter ever since Mu Feichi had announced his relationship with Yun Xi at the socialite ball.

The mother had the same thought processes as her daughter.

She figured that if Yun Xi, who Liang Xinyi used to bully in the past, was able to find herself a man like the Young Commander, then her daughter should be able to find a man better than him.

Chen Lixue only came to realize after witnessing Su Zongping cheating on her and hitting her that she and her daughters needed powerful support in Jingdu if they wanted to succeed.

Now that the Su family was treating them as if they were outsiders, they had to make sure the wedding happened, or else the Su family would literally kick them out of the family and into the wild.

Even though the Han family wasnt the best thing out there, Chen Lixue thought they could still use the family for the time being.

“Look at my daughter! Youre so pretty!” Although Chen Lixue was happy to see her daughter in the pink lace dress, she still had some complaints.

“But it would be better if you could just find yourself a man like the Young Commander.

Then I wouldnt have to worry so much.

Even the Eldest Heir is a better choice than Han Zhongteng.

How did that Yun Xi even catch the Young Commanders attention anyway Did she use some magic or what”

“Mom! This is not the time to bring that up!”

Liang Xinyi was already annoyed that she had pretty much been forced to marry Han Zhongteng.

She could not believe that her mother actually had the nerve to bring up the Young Commander and the Eldest Heir at a time like this.

She got up from the chair and glanced coldly at her mother.

“If you had kept her in Muyang and made sure she didnt have the chance to come here, things wouldve been different by now!”

The more Liang Xinyi thought about it, the angrier she got.

In the end, she decided to ignore Chen Lixue and sat back down.

Noticing that her mother and sister were still present, she yelled, “Why arent you two out there welcoming the guests The Su family has only sent Su Ximan to attend this party and the Han family is still being cold toward us.

Do you think theyll treat us any better if none of you are out there welcoming the guests”

Liang Xinyi paused and turned to look at her sister.

“Danyi is just a year away from becoming an adult.

If you are expecting her to find a rich and successful husband, shouldnt you help her get acquainted with the right people now The only way for her to get accepted into a rich family is when she catches the attention of the madames.”

Even though she didnt want the wedding to happen, since it was inevitable, she had to make sure that at the very least, they werent humiliated.

Liang Xinyis words did remind Chen Lixue of her duty, and she decided to not argue with her eldest daughter.

The mother grabbed Liang Danyi and dragged her out of the changing room.

The moment they left, Liang Xinyi grabbed her phone and called Han Hongbin.

She wanted to confirm that the head of the Han family really intended for her to marry Han Zhongteng.

The call was quickly answered by Han Hongbin.

It was as if he had already guessed what the call was about and spoke before Liang Xinyi could even ask him anything.

“I know why you are calling.

The plan remains the same.

Use this engagement to make sure he belongs to you first.

Youll let me know once he makes a move, and Ill cancel the engagement then.

I can help you if you want to marry some rich kid after that.

Are you really doubting my connections after Ive been in this circle for so long”

“Fine! I get it!” As it was only a temporary remedy, Liang Xinyi hoped that the engagement would at the very least help secure her mothers position as Mrs.


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