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Jing Lings workshop was on the 39th floor.

Yun Xi sat on the couch as she studied Su Ximan, who had now changed into an evening gown.

She had to admit that Su Ximans fashion sense had always been on point.

For an unimportant engagement party, Su Ximan had chosen a long black dress with a slightly deep cleavage accompanied by sexy white lace.

The thin belt across her slim waist only made her look even more elegant.

Su Donglin did not cancel the engagement party between Liang Xinyi and Han Zhongteng because of Yun Xis warning.

Instead, he sent Su Ximan to attend it.

If Su Donglin, who was the head of the Su family, were to attend the party, other people would think that the family viewed Liang Xinyi highly.

That would only embarrass the family even more if Qiao Ximin caused a scene.

Now that he had decided not to attend the party, he could be as ruthless as he wanted to be when he had to clean up the mess.

Unlike her brother, Su Ximan had been a frequent guest at parties such as this.

It would have a different meaning if she were to attend the engagement party.

She could represent the Su family, which would at least show the outside world that they still valued their own by attending the party.

If things actually went south, she would be the only one from the Su family present at the party.

The Jiang family and the Chen family would side with her because of that.

Yun Xi had to admit that Su Donglins plan was perfect.

Not only did he make use of the disadvantages toward his family, but he also cut the number of losses that the family would suffer to the bare minimum.

At the same time, he could even form a healthy relationship with the Jiang family and the Chen family, while taking the chance to get rid of Chen Lixue and her daughters.

He was basically killing four birds with one stone.

Yun Xi finally understood why Mu Feichi had laughed at her for worrying too much.

She didnt even need to help Su Donglin to think of a way to get out of the mess.

Now that she thought about it, the Young Commanders words actually made sense.

For Su Donglin to become the head of the Su family at such a young age, he definitely had the skills to back that up.

Su Ximan was standing in front of the mirror while checking herself out when she suddenly asked Yun Xi, “My brother has seen the video that the Young Commander has sent us.

Thats definitely the nail in the coffin that we need to get rid of Chen Lixue and her daughters.

But this matter would affect your father too… My brothers decision is to handle things in private since its a family matter, so it wont bring any harm to your side.

Are you okay with that”

“Thank you for being considerate of me.

Yes, Im fine with it.

Thats literally what I was going to do.

You guys have just saved me a lot of trouble.”

Yun Xi and the Su family had used Liang Xinyi as much as they could.

Yun Xi was able to gain favor from the Su family, while Su Donglin was able to handle four matters at one time.

However, Yun Xis goal was still to find the person who gave Liang Xinyi the aphrodisiac.

She wanted to wait until her cousin had lost everything before prying information out of her.

“No, we owe you our thanks.

If not for your warnings, we wouldve embarrassed ourselves in public.”

“Oh! You dont have to thank me.

Thats what friends are for.”

Su Ximan turned around and studied Yun Xi seriously before a smile appeared on her face.

“Yes, you are definitely worth being called a friend.”

The sister of the Su familys head had liked Yun Xi from the start.

Compared to Liang Xinyi, who was arrogant and always dreaming of achieving something that she couldnt, Yun Xi was smart, resourceful, and had a friendly personality.

Yun Xi smiled and got up.

“I hope you can make the most out of the party.”

“I will.

You just have to sit back and enjoy the show.” Su Ximan smirked, her eyes filled with confidence.

At the shooting range, Qi Yitan had fired ten shots in succession.

Hitting the middle of the target wasnt a challenge to him anymore.

As his friends clapped and cheered next to him, he took his earmuffs off.

Lu Zheng approached Qi Yitan and handed him the phone that had been vibrating for the past few minutes.

“Liang Xinyi has been calling you.

Its probably about her engagement with Han Zhongteng.

Are you going to accept her call”

Qi Yitan wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “Just tell her to calm down.

Its an engagement, not a wedding.

How is she going to succeed if she cant keep her composure”

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