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She knew that he was not joking, especially when she saw his serious face.

He regarded her as his faith, and she knew exactly what that meant.

His words of love, which had caught her off guard, struck a chord in her heart.

“Treat me as your faith, and you will have to carry the weight of our future.”

“I dont mind.” Some people were willing to fall into the dust for love, and he only wanted her by his side.

He did not care about the rest.

It was not a bad thing to carry a heavy load.

He could shoulder another responsibility.

“In order not to become your burden, I have to work harder.”

Those who were qualified to stand beside him should not become his burden or drag him down.

“Just do what you want to do.

I dont want you to throw away so many beautiful things just to stand shoulder to shoulder with me.

You broke the balance of power in Jingdu all by yourself, so the future situation in Jingdu will still be carved out by you.

Only with a beginning and an end will it be complete.”

“Do you really trust me that much Arent you afraid that Ill cause more trouble”

In this game of chess in Jingdu, even she herself did not have the confidence that she would win in the end.

If there were any unforeseen events or accidents, he would have to clean up the mess as the person in charge.

That would be a great loss for his dignity.

Mu Feichi chuckled and pinched her tender cheeks.

“Dont ever forget that Ive always got your back.”

“I know.” She frowned and leaned forward.

“Just wait and see.

I wont let you down.”

When it came to scheming, the combined memories of her two lifetimes would not make her lose out to those old acquaintances.

He was protecting the country at the front, while she was guarding the peace at the back.

It was enough for her to stand beside him in this way.

“All right, Ill wait and see.”

Pausing for a moment, Yun Xi suddenly recalled her deal with Han Yaotian.

She abruptly raised her eyes.

“Have you captured him That terrorist released him, and Jingdu will no longer be peaceful.”

“Ive caught him.

Even if I have to use him as bait, I will not let such a dangerous person escape.”

Yun Xi nodded, analyzing the situation with a serious expression.

“This persons brain isnt half bad, and hes even smarter and more vicious than Han Yaotian.

We cant leave him behind to create future troubles.

Even if he has to die, we have to make his death worthwhile.”

“For example, having him die at Han Yaotians hands would be the best way to defeat Han Hongbin.

If the son he values and loves the most is dead, Han Hongbin will have to rely on Han Yaotian, who will then be his only illegitimate son.

When the conflict between father and son becomes irreconcilable, the show will be even more exciting.”

“Young Commander, this is a brilliant move.” After hearing his suggestion, Yun Xis eyes lit up, and she stared at this ruthless Mu Feichi.

Normally, this man would flirt with her whenever he felt like it.

He was devilish, charming, and easygoing, and when he was gentle, he could make people drown in his charm.

However, when he was serious, he was definitely more ruthless than anyone else.

She had almost forgotten that this man was the head of the Mu Group, one of the three noble families.

It was impossible for someone of his age to sit in the position as the head of Mu Group without any tricks up his sleeve.

“I have not interfered with what is happening on the surface in Jingdu for a long time.

Everyone knows that I have always turned a blind eye to it.

That is why the Han family has dared to act so brazenly during the past few years.

Since you have started this, then you will continue with the rest of the show.”

Mu Feichi raised his hand to touch her face and chuckled.

The way he indulged his beloved concubine was simply incredible.

“Dont worry about being embarrassed.

If youre really embarrassed and cant find a way down, Ill give you a ladder.”

“Ill be fighting in front while you control the situation behind the scenes.

The Young Commander is indeed befitting of his title.

Its a pity that someone like you didnt become the Prime Minister.”

With his talent and ability, he was more than qualified to sit in that position.

No wonder the Prime Minister had been so afraid of him in her previous life.

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