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“I didnt provoke you.

Im just reminding you not to be grumpy with Baifan.

Its not easy for him to support the entire Mu Group for you.

If he werent here to help you out as the head of the Mu family, you would have many more worries while youre off being the Young Commander in the military.

It wouldnt be so easy.”

Gu Baifan was not much older than she was, but he was the executive director above everyone else.

His position wasnt that high, but everything he did represented Mu Feichi.

He was under extreme pressure and heavy responsibility as the person in charge.

In her previous life, when shed worked at the Han Group, she was well aware of the arrogance of the directors who took advantage of their seniority.

She also knew how much pressure a person would have to endure when facing the criticism and doubts of so many directors.

Mu Feichi was the person in charge.

No one dared to criticize him to his face.

However, Gu Baifan was different.

He was just Mu Feichis spokesperson, and they could criticize him without any fear.

It was rare to see his sweetheart defending another man in front of him.

Mu Feichi was stunned for a minute before he regained his senses.

He rubbed her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, but he was not angry.

“Babe, I didnt say anything just now.

Youre speaking up for him so righteously as if Ive wronged him.”

Yun Xi glared at him angrily.

She withdrew her hand and pinched his face.

“Im not scared if you keep a straight face, but others will be scared of you.”

“Sometimes, making others fear you is also a form of protection.

This can make others unable to see through your thoughts.

If they cannot see, they will not dare offend you.”

“Baifan has been working for me for many years.

Even though he is an executive director and not even a Vice President, he has more power than a Vice President.

There are many things that a Vice President cannot decide directly, but he can.

The amount of power I give him directly determines how much pressure he has to endure.

His EQ and IQ are not below mine.

The reason why I have no worries is that I have absolute trust in him.

The one who is truly controlling the Mu Group is not me, but him.”

“…” Yun Xi understood.

No wonder so many people stood in line to curry favor with Gu Baifan.

She had only thought of him as Mu Feichis spokesperson, someone who was below one person and above 10,000 others.

Shed never expected him to have so much power in his hands.

“He has so much power! Arent you worried that the Mu Group will fall into his hands What if he betrays you for someone else”

Having lived two lifetimes, she had a basic level of vigilance toward many people.

Other than Mu Feichi, it was difficult for her to trust other people wholeheartedly.

“He wont,” Mu Feichi answered without thinking.

“I gave him power, and he earned his reputation.

Everything he has now is from his own efforts.

No matter how others provoke him, he knows what he is after.

He has his own faith, just like I have mine.

If he has faith as his north star, he wont do anything outrageous.”

This was their bottom line as humans.

If a person did not even have a bottom line, they would not be worthy of being human.

Yun Xi raised her head.

She was almost stunned by his words.

If there was faith in her heart, then there was a bottom line.

To fight for ones own faith, how could one talk about betrayal

She had never known that underneath Gu Baifans gentle and handsome face was a determined heart.

“Then…Young Commander, what do you believe in”

“My faith is in world peace and…”

He narrowed his eyes and gave her a faint smile.

His dry, broad palm gently caressed her soft cheeks.

His deep eyes were filled with tenderness.


World peace was his greatest wish as a soldier.

And she was the woman he wanted the most as a man.

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