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The moment Yun Xi finished her sentence, she immediately realized that talking about the question of whether Qi Siyu should marry Mu Feichi or not in front of the man was a little inappropriate.

However, the words had already come out of her mouth.

No matter how annoyed the man behind her got, she could not retract what she had already said.

And just as Yun Xi had expected, Mu Feichi approached her in two steps and suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Babe,” Mu Feichi said, gritting his teeth, “dont you think its a little weird to discuss another woman marrying me in front of me”

In the Young Commanders eyes, Qi Siyu was just another woman who he didnt even bother to address by name.

She wasnt someone who was fit to be his future bride.

Even if Qi Linzhou was trying his best to get them married, the man wasnt happy that the father would actually think the daughter was a good match for him.

In Mu Feichis eyes, Qi Siyu wasnt even half as good as the love of his life.

He had no idea what gave them the idea or the confidence that he would like her.

It made him think that other people must think of him as someone who didnt have any of his own preferences for women.

“Weird How is it weird Wait, are you hiding something from me” Yun Xi tilted her head to look at the man hugging her.

As she was a head shorter than he was, she couldnt run away even if shed wanted to.

“Huh The only woman Ive ever touched is you.

Ive never even held another womans hand in my life.

Babe, asking me to look at those normal-looking women is a humiliation to me.”

“But…” Yun Xi tried to argue, but even if the mans words were outrageous, they somehow made sense to her in a way.

Other than herself, who was in an actual relationship with Mu Feichi, there were a lot of other women who wanted to be with him.

Among all those women, not even one had once caught her attention, which meant that none of them would ever be good enough for the Young Commander.

“Hold up!” Yun Xi suddenly scolded him.

“What do you mean Im the only woman youve ever touched…” She didnt finish her sentence as their bodies were literally touching each other.

HMMM Mu Feichi lowered his head, and Yun Xi could feel his warm breath brushing against her face.

She could barely see his face in the dark forest.

“And you were saying” the man asked.

“N…nothing…” Yun Xi gulped and awkwardly moved her head away a little.

Her life was already in his hands, and he was someone she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

“Well then, youll be mine forever and ever.

Its not like youll ever have a chance to run away from me anyway even if you regret your decision.”

Even if hell freezes over, Mu Feichi had sworn that he would only love Yun Xi… Other people were nothing more than readers of their love story.

Yun Xi remained silent as she lowered her head.

The man was right, she could never escape him, but she had never regretted her decision.

Choosing to fall in love with Mu Feichi was the bravest thing Yun Xi had ever done in her life, and she would never regret it.

“What Are you seriously regretting your choice now” Mu Feichi asked as Yun Xi didnt make a sound.

Despite being inside the dark forest, his eyes were as sharp as an eagles.


Its just that…” She raised her head and had a bright smile on her face.

It was as if her eyes were shining even though it was dark.

“I feel bad for making you mine.”

A moment of silence came after that.

After a slight hesitation, she turned around and wrapped her arms around the man while gently tapping his back as if she was comforting him.

“But, dont worry.

Ill take full responsibility for doing that.”

“Good.” Mu Feichi nodded without any hesitation.

“Ill be waiting.”

Nothing mattered more to the couple than being inseparable for the rest of their lives.

Fenghuang Niao, who was walking in front of the loving couple, turned around and clicked her tongue.

“Seriously, cant you guys see where we are How can you two flirt with each other in such a situation You guys are crazy!”

“Well, too bad for you.

You shouldve found yourself a boyfriend,” Mu Feichi laughed.

Fenghuang Niao sighed.

She had not for one second eased up as they still werent out of danger.

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