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Mu Feichi paused and gave her forehead a light kiss as he proceeded to whisper words of comfort into her ears.

He would hate to have hurt her more than her injuries had.

“Hush, it will feel better in a bit…”

Mu Feichi can feel how tense Yun Xi is, and he leaned down to pepper her with kisses of reassurance, each kiss a message of how much love he had for her.

She was transfixed by Mu Feichis features, his dark eyes that looked like those of an eagle waiting to devour his prey.

This added to the fire that was burning deep within Yun Xi.

Her face was blank and she blinked.

It was almost as if her mind had stopped working for a brief second…

Suddenly a feeling jolted through her bloodstream and circulated into every part of her nervous system and her body.

She was not sure if it was pain or if it was euphoria, but the feeling left her lightheaded as she fell into Mu Feichis embrace.

The world was freezing cold, yet Yun Xi felt as if she was burning up with the highest fever of her lifetime.

While Yun Xi was still caught between the stages of unconsciousness and consciousness, Mu Feichi had removed her messy gown and prepared a pair of down trousers and jacket from his field pack for her to change into.

These clothing items had been personally designed for Yun Xi.

He had never thought his men would require such items for their outdoor training, since the soldiers were trained to endure the harsh weather.

Yun Xi was the only one who would require these items.

He had even prepared outdoor camping gear with shoes and clothing and food supplies in the car.

If the enemy hadnt attacked on the day of the socialite ball, he would have been more prepared to handle the situation.

But alas…

The weather was too cold for Yun Xi to fall asleep, and she wondered if the constant threat around them had been picked up by her subconscious was another factor that kept her awake.

Although she was still under the effect of the drug, Yun Xis subconscious was able to bypass that influence and emerge victorious against the drug.

Her subconscious pulled her into the waking world little by little with the help of the freezing cold.

Perhaps the drug dose had been too strong.

Yun Xi felt herself panting heavily as her lungs struggled to take in as much air as possible.

She gritted her teeth to suppress the urge to faint as she tried to stabilize her breathing.

Yun Xi finally understood the will to live that many soldiers experience in the heat of battle, and it was this very will that prompted her to slow down her breathing.

Mu Feichi pulled Yun Xi close to him, his hand carefully rubbing her back to help her steady her sudden rapid breathing.

“Are you still in pain” He held her in his arms gently as if she was a small injured creature.

His embrace was warm and kind.

Once Yun Xi had finally caught her breath, bits of her consciousness begin to return to her in waves, and she could clearly recall what had occurred.

The memory of the incident and her current position against Mu Feichis chest left her feeling a bit embarrassed.

Shaking her head, she mumbled into his chest, “What kind of medication do you have in the bag”

“Mostly emergency medicines.

What are you looking for” Mu Feichi replied, as he shoved Yun Xis blood-stained gown into his field pack.

Yun Xi slowly opened the bag.

With the light from Mu Feichis flashlight, she dug through the bag until she located a small bottle of painkillers.

She took a capsule from the bottle and washed it down with a small container of water that she had also found in the bag.

Her eyes met Mu Feichis, and she could see the worry in his eyes.

Yun Xi managed a small smile and explained, “This pill can relieve the fatigue and headaches Im having right now.

It will only last for a bit, but thats the best thing I can do for now.

Could you call your cousin over I think her arm was dislocated.

We can put it back and be on our way.”

Truthfully, Yun Xi was unsure how long she would remain conscious.

If the drug was much stronger than she thought it was, it might be triggered once again.

Time was of the essence, and they had to escape while she was still conscious.

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