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Yun Xi had never hesitated when it came to important decisions and, even now, she did not show a hint of reluctance.

Any other woman would have argued with him on what compensation he would have to make, what responsibilities he would have to take.

He would have had to make promises and ensure that they would receive the maximum benefits possible.

Yet Yun Xi asked for nothing but a chance to fight beside him as soon as possible.

His lady was proud, and his lady was like no one else.

Mu Feichi felt extremely fortunate that this was his lady, and no one else would have the same privilege to have her.

“Oh babe, as long as Im here, its better that you hide behind me…”

As soon as Mu Feichi finished his sentence, Yun Xis breathing picked up as her arms closed in on Mu Feichis neck.

“I have no other choice but to do this to stay awake,” she whispered quickly.

Yun Xi pulled out the surgical knife she had hidden tucked inside her hair.

Its shiny surface reflected against the last bits of light in the dark forest.

“Are you insane” It had not occurred to Mu Feichi that Yun Xi would have concealed a surgical knife on her.

He reached out to grab Yun Xis wrist and threw the girl down from his back.

Once the two had touched the ground, he wrapped himself around Yun Xi but kept his hand around the hand holding the knife to prevent her from stabbing herself.

Be rough with your enemies and be rougher with your friends, this was the way to always maintain the upper hand.

Mu Feichi understood this, and so did Yun Xi.

Yun Xis thoughts swirled as she blinked hard to maintain her concentration.

Her breath was heavy and rough as she mastered all the strength in her sore limbs to hold onto the knife.

In spite of all the fatigue, there was an indescribable euphoria that was surging through her, one that left her hands shaking from its effect.

A chill was beginning to set into the forest as the night crawled on, but Yun Xi did not feel a single shiver.

Instead, her body was burning up like a bonfire, the licks of its flames were making her skin itch.

“If you…sedate me…I will never…never forgive you…”

Yun Xi had a good understanding of their current situation.

The signal towers of the region had been cut off by the enemy, and they had no certainty when they would be able to call for support.

The enemy was well-equipped with heavy weaponry and had knowledge of the terrain around them in order to set up ambushes and traps.

In other words, they had no leverage against the enemy, and the enemy had every advantage over them.

This was the technique of international mercenaries.

They would not stop their pursuit until they could verify that their targets had been eliminated.

Yun Xi was willing to bet that they would use the mountain path to track the trio down.

When they had found them and when a battle between them did occur, the trio wouldnt stand a chance.

They did not have enough weapons, and they did not have enough experience.

If Yun Xis drug were to kick in at that moment it would lower their probability of survival by an even larger margin.

What Yun Xi feared the most was that she would become the reason the three of them would not make it out of the forest.

Yun Xi would never let that happen! She would not lose sight of the bigger picture.

If it had been anyone else, Yun Xi would have had her reservations.

But this was Mu Feichi.

Her heart was his anyway, and she would not have any hesitation to do anything with him.

Their circumstances might not be the most ideal.

A humid forest was certainly not their top choice for this exchange between them.

But this un-ideal but necessary situation had only brought another element of uniqueness into their relationship, and it carried the undertones of the unordinary nature of the two of them.

They were meant to be with each other, even on the battlefield, even through raining bullets, even with danger lurking in every corner.

Their love could not be obstructed.

Yun Xis mind raced to justify the thought.

It would be too cliche and old-fashioned to have it happen in a romantic hotel or an idyllic resort.

It would not suit their nature at all.

At the very least, losing her virginity on the decomposing forest floor would be unforgettable.

Yun Xi had come to the conclusion that it was all about the person and never the location.

He was the one for her, and because he was the one, there would be no regrets about what they were going to do.

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