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Chapter 143: Teasing the Girl

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At the door of the Chen familys house, Mu Feichi asked Qi Yuan to stop the car, and Yun Xi went in alone.

It was too early.

The old Madame had just finished her breakfast and smiled affectionately when she saw the housekeeper leading her in.

“Girl, come here.” Mrs.

Chen beckoned to Yun Xi.

“Have you had breakfast yet”

“Ive already finished eating.

How do you feel today Did you sleep well last night”

As this topic came up, the old Madame couldnt hide her smile.

“I just wanted to tell you, thanks to your medicine pillow, I really had a good nights sleep last night.”

“Really Youre looking good today.

Later, I will take you outside to get some sun and give you a massage.”

“Okay! I was just feeling bored so you can come chat with me.”

Upon hearing the voices, Mr.

Chen, Chen Yichen, and Jiang Wanyun came out of the dining room.

When they saw Yun Xi, all their faces were filled with gratitude.

“Yun Xi, your medicine pillow is really amazing.

Because of my wifes illness, I havent been sleeping well recently either.

Im either awakened in the middle of the night, or I cant fall asleep again after I wake up at three or four oclock.

After smelling the medicine pillow last night, I slept until dawn!”

When the butler had brought in the pillow, hed thought that the girl was being generous, but he hadnt actually believed in the effectiveness of the little pillow.

And hed never expected that a traditional Chinese medicine pillow would have such a powerful effect.

Not only did he have a good nights sleep, even his wife had been able to sleep soundly last night.

This girl looked young, but her medical skills were quite impressive.

Grandfather Chen also felt astonished by her perspicacity.

How had she known that he wasnt sleeping well She had also given him a medicine pillow without ever having met him before.

And it was not a random match either, but a treatment formula specifically for his own problems.

Because his medicine pillow smelled completely differently from his wifes, so the targeted treatment was obviously different.

“Girl, you didnt even see me yesterday and didnt even know my situation.

How did you prepare a medicine pillow that cured my issue of awakening in the middle of the night without knowing me beforehand”

“I didnt see you when I came here yesterday, but I came to that conclusion after thinking about it.

Grandpa Chen probably hasnt had a good nights rest lately.

Last time I stayed at your house for a night, I heard that Grandpa Chen got up at five oclock.

That time is indeed a bit early, and when I had breakfast in the morning, I saw that you didnt seem well and appeared quite fatigued.

I thought that perhaps you hadnt been able to fall back asleep once you had awakened.

That causes mental fatigue, so I made a medicine pillow with a formula that helps treat restlessness.

I will give you the ingredients list of the formula inside, and the effects will be better if you change them once a month.”

Only those with medical backgrounds would normally be able to intuitively make such subtle observations.

Grandpa Chen nodded his head and appeared impressed.

“Great! You, my girl, are very smart.

Youve not only helped treat my wife, but youve also taken care of me.

What a kind doctor.”

“Grandpa Chen, dont make fun of me.

It was just a trivial act.

I was even worried that you would look down on it.”

Compared with those expensive supplements, these things seemed really cheap, but they were what they needed the most.

“What are you saying The things that can be bought with money have a price, while what you gave is priceless.

There is no comparison!”

Chen Yichen came over and sat down on the sofa opposite Yun Xi.

Leaning back lazily, he stared at her with his long legs crossed.

“Little Yun Xi, Ive been suffering insomnia recently.

Why dont you give me a medicine pillow too”

Old Madame Chen glared at her playboy grandson with displeasure.

From his flirtatious manner, he was obviously teasing the girl.

“Chen Chen, what do you want a pillow for at such a young age Dont cause trouble.”

“Grandma, Little Yun Xi is a doctor, so why cant she treat me if Im sick”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and glanced at the eldest son, who was sitting opposite her, and then she coughed a little.

“Eldest son, you dont need a medicine pillow for your symptoms.

You only need to drink less coffee, stay up less late, rest enough, as well as drink less alcohol.

You will be cured within a week.”

Chen Yichen gazed at Yun Xi with an ambivalent smile.

All her words had struck a nerve.

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